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Want the best price…then start with the best Plan!…

Welcome to ePoolscapes.com…We would like you to know that there simply isn’t another Builder that can bring both the expertise and equally important, this same level of verifiable industry authentication to the table of negotiation.

Credentialed Status

Yes…it’s true that pool building isn’t rocket science but, that same due diligence in providing “checks and balances” that were applied to getting America to the moon, can afford you with a much better chance of reaching conclusion in a successful mission…A job well done!

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Remember, if you wish to compare value in , you will need something measurably comparable! Please scroll down this page to become more familiar with what you should expect from a proposal to perform. If you take a moment to fill out the CONTACT FORM to the right, we will respond to your inquiry, same day!

– Michael Chaffee

Step #1: Getting a “Hard” number?…

By opening the links below and reviewing the information, you will be able to become more familiar with many of the choices that are available.

Click on links below to view examples, “double click” after opening to enlarge

Pool Estimate Example

Pool Specification Example

Click on image below to view enlargement:

Elements of Pool Construction Listings

Step #2: Identifying the “Work Scope” Listings…

Having been in the business of designing and building outdoor living environments, for virtually my entire life, I can provide strong testimony for the consequences of cheap construction practices, that all too often lead to poorly executed installations. The reality is that this happens because too many consumers make a decision largely on the perception of a cheaper price, while lacking the information that could otherwise substantiate the benefits of a measured value.

Pool Work Scope Listing Example

So…continue following along below and discover how to connect a stronger commitment to your estimate.

Step #3: Don’t be sold on price, buy the value in quality…

Remember “cheaper” doesn’t usually result in something being “better built” and the degrading effects of time upon a inferior approach will only expose you to unexpected costs and inconvenience. So…start your critiques, by getting to know the differences between equipment and equally important, the “Manufacturer’s Equipment Warranty Policies

Equipment Pad Listing Example

Suction Plumbing Example

Return Plumbing Example

Step #4: Our Warranty…

As a Factory Trained and certified Pentair Swimming Pool Builder we are extended a special “3-Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty when using and installing a 100% Pentair Equipment Pad.

Equipment Pad Component Example

Our Knowledge Base…

While growing up in Southern California and working in my family’s Swimming Pool Remodeling business, we would Re-Construct Swimming Pools that were built as far back as the 1920’s.

This exposure to the many varied applications of the times, together with our evolving “learned” practices throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80, 90’s and the first decade of the new millennium, affords our clients with a three generation deep knowledge and experience, for how to build affordable sustainability, inclusive of a strong manufacturer’s warranty.

Step #5: Planning for “Energy Efficiency”…

Energy efficient swimming pools don’t just happen with adding a new style pump, they must be planned for and installed correctly.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that under the pressure of delivering a “Smoking Deal” for your new pool, at a cheaper price, that somehow the cheaper guy is going to miraculously deliver upon the best energy efficiency.

Historically, a pool could constitute up to 40% or more of a homes overall energy consumption. Hard to believe but, it’s true and this simple fact is why we are seeing the industry manufacturers responding by producing new Variable Speed Pumps.

This is good but, pumps are only part of the equation…Don’t be sold on the idea that a pump is going to make it all good! So “click” on the following links and come to appreciate that when you add up how much overall energy is wasted through incompetence

Overall System Layout Example

Equipment Schematic Example

We have seen firsthand the differences in results that can happen when Swimming Pool Builders are left to applying independent specifications, without any real checks and balances.

This situation can lead to a subversion of a first class intention, that then subordinates to a second class result, all along failing to obtain longevity, and energy efficiency. In viewing the next link you can see how some Builder’s (who don’t know any better) run a single pipe for both the Main Drain and the Swimmer.

“Bad” Plumbing Example

Unfortunately, the cheaper price erodes the ability to deliver upon a the higher quality product and the distraction of price lures the consumer into the illusion that unbelievable is believable.

View the next link to see how we outfit a Swimming Pool or Spa with an calculated and anticipated “Overflow Capacity”:

Proper 3.00″ Overflow Example

I’m sure by now that you are realizing, that some Builder’s aren’t going to include many of these important elements listed here, unless you demand that these are made inclusive. In order for that to happen, you must become familiar with something beyond just “Industry Standards”. So…the purpose of this webpage isn’t to point fingers but, to “Raise the Bar” by providing you a place to research, discover and authenticate what a “Bid Proposal” really is worth!

Step #6 Our First Class Equipment…

Variable Speed Pumps

(Energy cost, as little as $24.00/ Per Month)

Sand Filters

(50% more efficient than Cartridge)

We take responsibility for our knowledge based approach and our passion driven directions are always geared at providing our clients with a well thought-out direction that can provide them with the most economical operations available anywhere in the industry! We build a first class, sustainable product that keeps integrity and longevity in the forefront of our minds, while anchoring our commitment firmly to the foundational stability of an validated advanced understanding.

Swimming Pool Estimates

(Please click on the link below to view our informational video)

We have been performing in the State of California as a Licensed Contractor since 1978 and in holding four classifications (General Engineering, Swimming Pool Builder, Landscape Installation and Fencing Construction) it provides a testimonial of commitment to performing the many wide ranging elements involved in building outdoor environments.

Making our clients the beneficiaries of our advanced knowledge and experience in these nomenclatures provides them a variety of time tested practices in the Swimming Pool Construction, Concrete Flat-work, Masonry Construction, Landscape Planting selections, Irrigation System Installation, Irrigation System Design, Landscape Drainage Installation, French Drains, Hydrostatic Drainage Relief Systems, Surface Drainage Systems, Land Grading, Tractor Grading, Tractor Contouring, Low Voltage Lighting Design, Low Voltage Lighting Installation, Construction and Fabrication of Structures, Shade Covers Installation & Detached Buildings Construction, Underground Utilities Contracting and many other performances.

Pool Building for 40 Years…


The best built projects require orchestration in order to have each of the elements end up with a unified cohesiveness, that can harmoniously blend both operational functions with aesthetic beautification.

We believe that we are the best suited to fulfill your dreams of building an Outdoor Living Environment correctly, because this requires the identification and the delegation of several portions of the work scope to competent, qualified performers.

Outstanding results are only obtainable when a cooperative exchange can be delegated to those who also possess like-mindedness for the intentions. Although…most capable musicians can play their instruments quite well,…the music that becomes harmonized by the conductor will most always sound better!


Commitment to responsible pricing evolves from working through the estimating process, while knowing what things will actually cost? When a contending performer comes from that basis of understanding, then the historical relevance derived from a working knowledge, should be respected. This is why you would hire a contractor in the first place, right?

We have inherited a seasoned knowledge and we have acquired sustainability in the process of building and maintaining a business entity. This shouldn’t be perceived as a cost in doing business, rather a “value added bonus”, in knowing that such practices will afford us the liberty of being there in the future. This important detail really comes down to the fact that we will be there for you and your family, when we are called upon to stand for the product that we have built.

Business Longevity…

This is and should be a portion of the value that is equated, as a portion of a Builder’s worth, in evaluating who to do business with. After all, whoever has lasted long enough to develop a strong sense of the fair balance that must exist between delivering a good product and making profit, should be rewarded the right to perform, having discovered the “constant” in the formula of success.

We want to work with customers that want us to be profitable because they want us to be there tomorrow to support the products we are building for them today! Profitability and success aren’t dirty words.

Isn’t success what you are striving for as a result of your investment dollars? So, why would anyone seek out anything less in the results of a business’s accomplishments?

Estimating Comparisons…

We are hopeful that you can come to know our pricing as representative of fair and complete. Complete comes from a desire to conduct one’s self with integrity while being held accountable to an established standard. Fair is the measurement for value received as weighed against products provided.

The “Yardstick” Measurements…

What is being provided here in these instructions are the benefits of a developed weighted knowledge. This weight is placed upon the shoulders of a fully expressed intention. This knowledge is anchored upon rock solid historical evidence attained over many years of estimating the costs for performances. In these spans of decades and while performing such duties, we have been immersed in the dissection of thousands of designs, estimates and construction projects. In all cases developing an understanding for the planned intentions requires an appreciation for the importance of detailed accountability.

This places a great deal of responsibility upon the shoulders of the consumer, in order to become well versed in the industry standards and familiar with what levels of committed expression that are being made inclusive or excluded.

Another key to successfully obtaining a great job is, to break it down to a straight forward language that is easily digestible in a format that simplifies the task of producing a comparable check sheet.

Proposal Structures…

We are hopeful that you too…will become the beneficiary of such disciplines. In beginning the process and before you ever request a proposal for the work, develop a plan for what you would like to see from the results of the solicited contenders. In demanding an adherence to a common set of plans and specifications, you will have removed the obscurities, which often arise in the smoke and mirror illusions of price. Plans can note the desired standards, the quantities and dimensional relationships for all components. From there…you’ll have a basis from which a comparative analysis can be achieved.

If such an approach to your construction project is intended and you would like assistance in developing your individual plans and specifications together with a definitive outline format for soliciting contenders in a “measurable” bidding purposes, please contact us @ (800) 766-5259.


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