Swimming Pool Pebble Plastering Surface Samples

Pebble Portfolio…Bold, Natural Interior Pool Finishes.

Tahoe Pearl Pool Surfaces Plaster ProductsThe pool becomes about what’s under the water, the surface is far more visible, less about a crystal crisp monochromatic water reflection. Gold and brown pebbles bring green into water surface reflections synonymous with natural bodies of water. White pebbles reflect true sky colors. Larger rounded pebbles finish as smooth and more exposed. Satin pebbles, the smaller sand pebbles finish showing more colored cement, sometimes most desirable when trying to push in some blue into the finish or the reflection. Pebble interiors expand pool design, specified to work in and out of the water to form beach-style entries, layout ledges, raised pebble walls, an interactive finish when blended with waterfalls, streams, boulders. Cement color sustainable, chlorine and acid resistant inorganic pigments.

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Caribbean Pearl Pebble
Cayman Pebble
Dolphin Blue Pebble
Emerald Bay Pebble
Golden Pearl Pebble
Indian Springs Pebble
Montserrat Pebble
Oyster Bay Pebble
Pearl Noir Pebble
Shell Island Pebble
Sierra Madre Pebble
Tahoe Pearl Pebble

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