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Swimming Pool Plastering, Refinishing, Resurfacing, Refurbishing

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Standard Swimming Pool Plastering Selections

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Pebble Plastering Finishes

Granite Plastering Finishes

Marble Plastering Finishes

Quartz Plastering Finishes

The video below is a presentation that breaks down some of the many contributing construction components that can be required in building a swimming pool project. If you are soliciting potential performers to provide you a swimming pool construction quote or swimming pool estimate for a swimming pool project then you will become more informed after seeing the clip.

Swimming Pool Plastering

ePoolscapes.com has been in the business of building outdoor living environments for over 35 years. Our professionally designed swimming pools compliment many other features of the backyard that we can help develop your home into an oasis of refuge from the hurried pace of today’s life. We custom build each and every one of our pools for our clients’ unique needs, from the tile on the steps, to the plaster surfaces of the pool’s interior. Product selections can include many varieties of surfaces including standard white plaster, light, medium and dark Tahoe blue, Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, Diamond Bright, River Roc and more….

Hours of work and many calculations go into bringing an unparalleled environment to share with your friends and family. Our new or remodeled swimming pool designs are safe, environmentally friendly, functional, powerful, and above all, beautiful. ePoolscapes.com is the premiere pool company for our area that has been continually involved in every aspect of swimming pool construction. Plaster surfaces for in ground swimming pools require a customer orientation for both the choices and the realization of a swimming pool design. Let us mock you up a new pool concept idea for you today! Fill out the contact form on the right-hand side and we’ll be right back in touch with you.

Swimming Pool Plaster Remodeling

While you may not have a broken pool, we assist clients through the pool remodeling process. We sit down and assess what your swimming pool is currently going through, and elevate your understanding for all of the right steps that will be necessary to get it to where you want it to be. Our full spectrum swimming pool remodeling services provide our clients with a clear view of our capabilities. These attributes are often recognized as the crucial difference between us and the competition for what brings that deeper layers of quality and professionalism to our clients’ backyards. For example, new plaster may involve a new pool cleaner device, we could install one of many energy efficient swimming pool cleaners that will automatically keep your pool clean and provide longevity to the plaster or pebble surface. At ePoolscapes.com we work with you to build, design and execute your new or remodeled swimming pool plans.

Swimming Pool Plaster Repair

Other installations may leave your property susceptible to floods and other drain problems through miscalculations. ePoolscapes.com can come in and fix your in-ground swimming pool leaks, and fill any cracks in the gunite prior to re-plastering. We also ensure that all of your equipment is working properly, and guide you to a solution if necessary. We provide all of the pool repair services and other products to get your swimming pool feeling new again. Our architectural team has a high level of experience as swimming pool contractors, with over 35 years of relevant industry experience in the area.

Financing and Other Information

ePoolscapes.com is a full service swimming pool landscaper, contractor, designer and builder performing in the five-county Sacramento area (Yolo, Sutter, Sacramento, Placer and Nevada counties). We are family owned, locally operated with in-house capacity performers providing complete swimming pool remodeling projects, new swimming pool construction and complete landscape construction compliments.

Often, swimming pool construction requires a swimming pool builder to express greater depth for the possibilities involving swimming pool design and swimming pool equipment specifications. It can also involve complete landscape architectural design for creating the ultimate outdoor living environment.

Construction performances require clarification so that your swimming pool project can have established requirements and a common framework for presenting a swimming pool estimate per a “line item” swimming pool quotation or swimming pool bid. We design our pools from the ground up with maximum compliance and functionality in mind.

If you are entertaining a new swimming pool or just want to put a little makeup on an old one, please give us a call @ (800) 766-5259


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