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In many cases where a pool’s plaster surface is being replaced, the waterline, step and seating tiles can also be in need of replacement. Generally speaking, TOPICAL PRODUCTS APPLICATION are organized into selection groupings, as far as pricing considerations apply and these are as follows;

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Topical Applications

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Spa Waterline, Steps, Benches & Seats Topical ApplicationsPool & Raised Bond Beam Topical Applications

  • Group I (Standard Selection)
  • Group II (Upgrade Level #1)
  • Group III (Upgrade Level #2)
  • Group IV (Upgrade Level #3)
  • Group V (Upgrade Level #4)

Tile and Topical Products…

Due to the wide variety of tile products and the many different manufacturers, it isn’t practical to provide an exhibit of what might be a current selection, as tile product runs are frequently discontinued and ever changing.

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Additionally, we also have FAUX ROCKERY topical applications available, as well as other NATURAL ROCK applications that can be considered.

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A.) Standard Plastering Finishes

B.) Topical and Tile Products

C.) Energy Efficiency

D.) Equipment Upgrades

E.) Equipment Descriptions

F.) Concrete Decking Considerations

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