Beginning the Design Process…

We have reviewed Satellite Imagery of your property and are exhibiting three (3) swimming pool shape photos below.

Please “CLICK” each photo in order to view different pool shapes in your backyard, which we hope will further facilitate our preliminary discussions.

Click on images below to view pool in your yard, click again to return…

Pool Shape #1__SAT-IMAGE View__Pool Shape #25

Starting with the correct dimensions…

Most often the local Building Department will have in their records a Property Plot Map that shows us the correct property dimensions, Home’s building footprint and other important preliminary information. We will need a copy of this document in order to get started with our discussions.

If you can email or text us additional images from your “Smart Phone” in the locations being considered for development, it would be very helpful in getting us to gain greater insight, before we meet on site.

Alternately, in some cases when purchasing a Home the Title Report will also have a Parcel Map, with the APN-# (Assessors Parcel Number).

Again…you can use your “Smart Phone” to take a clear and legible (make sure numbers are readable) photograph of this 8.5″ x 11″ document and email this information to us.

Click HERE to view Plot Plan Sample

In beginning the design process, we will need an official Plot Plan of your parcel that can show all of the property’s existing development

  • Utilities Runs / Meter Locations
  • Septic System / Leach Field / Sewer
  • Building Set-Backs
  • Public Utility Easements
  • Other Development
  • Our Webform Specification Development

    We have developed a web-form check list that can help you get your ideas quickly organized into a framework that will help us to prioritize the importance of any features being considered.

    Please click HERE to go to that page and submit your completed form!

    We hope this is helpful in starting the journey of planning for your Outdoor Living Environment. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We look forward to working together!


    Michael Chaffee

    Earth Dynamics Poolscapes Inc.

    (800) 766-5259


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