Planning Preparations…

Designing & Building Outdoor Living Environments

If you are looking to attach a price to a well planned direction, and anchor commitments to an unwavering obligation, then your search is over!

This webpage is dedicated to explaining how important it is to acquire a good PLAN and a strong SPECIFICATION in that of taking the first steps in insuring outstanding results!

Ultimately everyone wants to know, “how much” but, “how well” it’s being built can get lost in the fogginess of undefined hope.

We are dehumidifying the air surrounding the subject of swimming pool and outdoor living environment construction. Please read on and discover what the real differences are in planning for a well built project.

There are many benefits to our services…

Having executed many thousands of contract negotiations worldwide, we have gained a formidable understanding for where misunderstandings can arise between the he said, she said, you said scenario of evolving conversations, while performances are underway.

So…what we have learned is to first affix responsibilities for performances to clear and concise plans and specifications, that supersede any rhetorical dialog, then the facts for the requirements are all that is necessary for acknowledging agreement.

BENEFIT #1: Connecting Planning to Pricing and Standards…

Planning & Preparation

In addressing Swimming Pool Designing, many elements can play a role in providing a well thought-out plan for construction action.

Articulating clear and concise standards for how these are to be achieved, becomes the delivery vehicle for getting you to where you want to be, successful completion!

Click on image to view enlarged pool layout example

Sample Property Plot Plan w/ Pool LayoutOur preliminary advisory contributions, can truly be equated to offering you measurable costs savings, and these can also net you a return on our design services! The Swimming Pool’s Construction performance intentions must be interpreted and equally important, must be orchestrated in a sequential order that abides to an installation’s performance efficiencies.

To hear the best music, you’ll need a Conductor…

Therefore…having all performers under the direction of one plan and one director, can greatly aid the ability to keep all performers on the same page!

Great design needs to be looked after or in many cases the original design intent, can slowly become corrupted during the process of construction.

This is one reason why we not only provide “Design Services” but, we also provide the crucial element of performing In-field Observations during the supervision of all construction.

These involve providing over-view critiques at each threshold of accomplishment, at the (7) seven inspection stages:

How Our Qualifications Count…

Our Credentials

Many benefits can be provided through our acquired knowledgeable and seasoned construction experience. Click HERE to view a full listing.

Our Seven Inspections Process…

  • 1.) Layout & Excavation
  • 2.) Rough-In Plumbing & Electrical
  • 3.) Steel Reinforcement
  • 4.) Gunite Applications
  • 5.) Pre-Decking (Concrete Forming)
  • 6.) Equipment Set
  • 7.) Plastering / Final

The Permit Inspection Process…

Building Departments Inspections

While it is true that a swimming pool’s “Building Permit” will have the benefit of the Building Department’s inspection process, these generally only involve (4) four inspections i.e.;

  • 1.) Pre-Gunite
  • 2.) Pre-Decking
  • 3.) Pre-plaster
  • 4.) Final Inspection

    So…these only involve code noncompliance critiquing, not standards and quality control issues.

    Realize that code compliance doesn’t care about how things look or how well things follow the design intentions for the finished products involving tile, plaster, concrete finishes, etc..

    Establishing the acceptable standards and maintaining quality control over all performances requires in-field over-viewing prior to mistakes being made and assumptions being implied.

    The Distractions of Smoke and Mirrors…

    Deceptive practices and half truths...

    We also realize, that in many cases the objective is to just cut to the chase and arrive at the bottom line but, in doing so,…the distraction of an unbelievable price can fail to become attached to well defined recognizable and accountable standards…

    Realize that one performer’s bottom line verses another, absent verifiable detailed plans for the intentions, is only a sign of a hopeful but, over active imagination!

    Authentication should be founded in the substance of the measurable value that is written in the specification and exhibited on your plans.

    If this can’t be done prior to signing on the dotted line, then how will it miraculously unfold during the many delegations to those whom you have yet still to meet?

    Truth in Building…

    Another Imagination

    Leaving any of the important elements unrefined will basically be very much like placing your expectations into the hands of another person’s imagination.

    BENEFIT #2: The Organization of a Design…

    Planning & Organization

    So in making the decision to measure the tangible results that come from good planning, there won’t be any imaginary value that gets lost in the illusions of an unbelievable price?

    Absent such confirmations that those expectations have been agreed upon, as graphically expressed, often leads to unrealized potential and unrecoverable disappointments.

    We Get Everyone On The Same Page…

    When plans and specifications can be clearly exhibited, they have a much better chance to become fully understood by all parties.

    The Delegates of Accomplishment…

    There are several trade-specific performances that will be involved in the construction process of a well defined project. The uniqueness of each, requires a construction supervisory suaveness that can append a form of surgical sutures to each individual’s contribution, in a way that binds all to one fabric!

    Successful supervision is measured in the way that such over-viewing tightens the stitch, as the project evolves. Great supervision is measured in the seamless transitioning that melds all into a singular accomplishment.

    Thus providing a stronger commitment to be attached to a stronger agreement to perform as one cohesive unit.

    Good plans, provide the page from which commonality existed in culminating the performance agreement into a single continuous thread, that remains committed to the plan’s fabric bolts.

    Good Plans” are accompanied by strong “Construction Details“, that will act as referencing tools and culminate into Great Result! These efforts provide the mechanism that keeps the stitches timing in-sync and tight.

    Organizing such a delivery vehicle is what keeps a projects progress out of the potholes and from running into the ditch at the side of the road!

    BENEFIT #3: Design Coordination…

    Another Imagination

    A collaboration can also be required between other professional design services, in that of providing for greater clarifications for the desired construction interfacing results.

    This is generally on an, “as needed” basis and quoted on an hourly fee schedule;

    • Architectural
    • Civil Works
    • Landscape Architecture
    • ARC/ HOA/ DRG Design Review

    BENEFIT #4: Geotechnical Engineering…

    Swimming Pool design services can involve the results of Geotechnical findings, which in turn aid the provisions of Structural Engineering prescriptions.

    Please “click” on the images below to enlarge the Geotechnical Engineering Information.

    Geology-Soil-ReportTest Boring MapBoring Results

    The Swimming Pool’s design intent, must collaborate with the approach and application of principled science, in order to provide the anticipatable level of reinforced structural integrity.

    This is generally on a “Lump-Sum Quotation” basis, and determined after the conclusion of all preliminary Pool / Wall Design requirements are established on the Topography Plan;

    Two Approaches to Swimming Pool Structural Engineering…

    Please click on images below to enlarge view…


    A common approach is to employ a “Standard Boiler Plate Steel Schedule” in providing the directions for the swimming pool’s steel reinforcement density and sizing of placements.

    Steel Reinforcement Size and Spacing____Steel Rebar Erection

    In such an approach,…hypothetical calculations are inferred rather than assigned to explicit site specific conditions. Therefore, certain unknowns may not be addressed as part of this less expensive approach.

    Overall, this approach may be adequate in providing structural integrity but, absent the Engineer of Record’s (EOR) site specific verification that these standards have been authenticated as being applicable to your project, you lose the benefit of those second set of eyes!

    The sole purpose of employing Structural Engineering is to insure that the loads being exerted on the Pool’s Gunite / Shotcrete Shell can withstand the site’s conditional forces.

    Different soil textures, proximity to building foundations, toe and heal hillsides locations, subsoil strata composition, hydrostatic water conditions and a host of other site specific conditions may exist.

    Don't Gamble, Buy Insurance

    Absent In-Field Observations that can verify that the prescribed steel reinforcement placement’s have been deemed “site specific” the “Boiler Plate Steel Reinforcement Schedule” may be inadequate.

    Additionally, this level of over-viewing provides you with the added “no wiggle room” insurance, that is the intention of securing the services of Structural Engineering, in the first place!

    In disconnecting the EOR from the In-field Observation obligation of inspecting the erected steel reinforcement’s placements, it opens a gap for where the responsibility of the structural integrity rest.

    Improper placements can result in structural failure. Also,…evolving site conditions that were previously unknown may change the prescription for steel reinforcements placements and sizing.

    In failing to notify the Structural Engineer and involve his or her remedied diagnoses, it can nullified the Engineer’s responsibility.

    A More Responsible Approach….

    The other approach to obtaining Structural Engineering services is to connect the Structural Engineer to the responsibility of his or her duties.

    Making provisions for the Engineer to review the plans as part of the planning process and having “In-Field Observations” performed during the construction process can be a crucial component to providing you with the assurances that come from those qualified second set of eyes!

    Structural Breach

    In the placement of steel reinforcements you have one chance to get it right, and structural breach is a costly and very inconvenient price to pay for something so easily avoided.

    BENEFIT #5: Structural Engineering…

    Any new swimming pool and or new spa being constructed of steel reinforced concrete, will need to be constructed in accordance with a steel schedule and Construction Details.

    Engineering Construction Details…

    Freestanding WallSample Rock Water Feature Engineering

    This information must be accompanied by an Engineer’s calculations and wet stamped authentication by that Engineer, stating that he / she is currently licensed in the State of the work being performed and that that supportive requirements will meet of exceed the the local building departments requirements

    I-BEAM-CAISSONExamples of Steel ReinforcementsGeotechnical InvestigationSoil Identification

    Gunite Retaining Walls Details
    Swimming Pool Details

    BENEFIT #6: Swimming Pool Plans…

    The Swimming Pool portion of the design can involve providing direction for any of the design elements listed below. All of these are relevant and depending upon the importance that is affixed to articulating a clear and concise plan, the design fees will vary.

    Designing Outline Criteria
    Elements of Pool Design
    Construction Details

    BENEFIT #7: Developing the Specifications…

    How something is constructed to a 1st Class Standard ultimately has to do with what was previewed on plan and then affixed to a committed quotation, not gullible hopefulness!

    Depending upon the informational details, a thorough and committed approach may or may not become reality as a result of being distracted in the enticements being presented with a lower price!

    Click image below to view example of installed equipment…

    Equipment Pad Specification

    Most performers aren’t going to miraculously implement an upgraded standard or consider the possibilities for what goes into a 1st Class approach, especially if they do not have these standards considered in their bid.

    The truth be-known, how could they when 95% of the opportunities awarded to perform are based upon the price, rather than the value being displayed on a great plan?

    Pool Plastering Finishes
    Topical Products
    Plumbing / Electrical / Utilities
    Fire Pit / Water Features
    Sheer Descent Waterfalls
    Retaining Walls
    Water Heating
    Equipment Design / Location
    Automation / Controls
    Concrete Flat-Work
    Safety Fencing

    BENEFIT #8: The Pool Construction Performance…

    Great plans must be followed up with great over-viewing of the construction process, in order to insure that the standards, practices and installation procedures are strictly followed.

    Merely handing a set of plans to each individual performer won’t result in bridging the gaps that exist between each of the different trades.

    Knowledgeable Construction Supervision…

    In order for the relay race to make it over the finish line, the baton must be firmly placed in the advancing hands of each individual trade specific performer.

    Keeping in mind that the sequential progressive order that is necessary to say ahead in the relay race in that of achieving a timely completion, is supervisory anticipation!

    The Progressive Steps…

    • Rough Layout / Survey
    • Pre-Grading / Grading
    • Excavation
    • Steel Reinforcement
    • Dry Utilities (Gas & Electric)
    • Wet Utilities (Water & Sewer)
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Lighting
    • Automation
    • Concrete Flat-work

    BENEFIT #9: Construction Administration Services…

    • Construction Price Script (Quantity Survey)
    Construction Estimate
    • On-site Observation
    On-site Inspections
    • Performance Reports

    Design / Build Contract Administration / Project Management Services

    We’re the Real Deal and if that is of interest, please inquire further as to how our approach differs in getting your project built to 1st class standards…

    Dynamic Poolscapes Inc. CSL# 626207 4120 Douglas Bl., Suite 404, Granite Bay, CA 95746 (800) 766-5259


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