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Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #1

Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #2

Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #3

Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #4

Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #5

Remodeling Swimming Pools Example #6

In planning for a swimming pool remodeling project, you will want to select a performer that can plan for success. In order to achieve a successful result a Contractor should be committing to defining measurements and quantities for what is being made inclusive, right?

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Fire Pit_Patio Garden_Fiber Optic Lighted Tube Slide and Custom Spillover Waterfalls_Custom Pool & Spa

Custom Pool & Spa_Custom Patio Cover w/ Fire Place_Custom Patio Cover w/ Fire Place_Custom Patio Cover w/ Fire Place

By clicking on the image below you can view our Design Conceptualization that enabled us to plan and construction the above referenced project’s complete Outdoor Living Environment.

Conceptual Photo Imagery

Costs Assessment Worksheet…

Our proposal for developing your plan for action will involve representing the intentions of our commitment in the clearest and most forthright manner that the industry has to offer.

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Pool Estimate Concrete Estimate Work Scope Outline

Swimming Pool Estimate FormConcrete EstimateWork Scope Outline

Does a bad job look better because it cost you less?

You won’t need to be speaking to a Tile Installer or a Plastering Business or a Gunite Company about your job, when it’s spelled out on plan!

A term called “Industry Standards” has arisen form the ashes of the struggling economy and has allowed the least common denominator to too often dictate the approach to the work.

The images below reflect some of the differences between ePoolscapes.com standards and others…

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Proper Skimmer Proper Overflow

Swimming Pool Estimate Form Differences in Pool Overflow Installations

The three generation family at ePoolscapes.com has been building and remodeling some of the finest swimming pools in the world! How do we know this…well we haven’t been limited to just the recent growth around smaller cities. We have and continue to design / build swimming pools all over the world from Saudi Arabia to Hawaii.

Many performers that have been limited to an exclusive Sacramento knowledge building opportunity have only been exposed to the limits and challenges pose by such location.

We can share that some smaller cities don’t have the geotechnical / structural demands placed upon them as say, the San Fransisco or Southern California seismically active areas where we served our apprenticeships.

Alluvial deposits, tectonic faults, hillside terraces, cantilevered pools, pier foundations and many other exposures to advanced swimming pool construction have provided our company the practical resources that have been gained from applying hands-on experienced knowledge!

Although all of the trades previously mentioned do apply to building a swimming pool, they are only one piece to the puzzle for getting it done right.

In choosing to delegate responsibility for pulling a project together you can thin-out the herd so to speak, by looking into how long and how wide each contender has been doing what they say they have been doing?

We are licensed General Engineering Contractors, C-27 Landscape Construction, C-53 Swimming Pool Builders and C-13 Fencing Contractors.

Swimming for health...

Our clients’ backyards for example can often require extensions of the infrastructure in order to automate a Landscape Lighting System, Fire Pit, BBQ Cook Center, Water Feature and other operational considerations. Such considerations requires familiarity in order to provide you the best results.

We find most often that drainage, irrigation and lighting systems are outside the range of knowledge for so many claiming to be capable of building complete Outdoor Living Environments.

Unfortunately, most of these elements will become part of the considerations in routing the interconnecting infrastructures during the course of a project and if your selected performer is not professionally familiar,…you will probably end up with something much less that what could be called, professional results…

We can also install one of many energy efficient swimming pool cleaners that will automatically keep your pool clean. ePoolscapes.com will work with you to build, design and execute your new swimming pool plans to the level of sophistication desired.

If we can assist you in preparing strong plans…please give us a call @ 800 766-5259

While you may not fully appreciate the importance of starting out with a strong swimming pool plan, we can assure you that the benefits from saving will far out weigh the costs associated in getting a great plan for action!2010 California Title 24 Energy Efficient Regulations and Guidelines


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