Swimming Pool Estimates

An organized approach, in planning for success…

Every new or remodeled Outdoor Living Environment’s construction process will need a road map, in order to get to the end of the road!

How that journey plays out, will have much to do with how well it was planned for…Whether the requirements are sophisticated or simple, getting everyone on the same page can be the difference between success or something else!

Planning and Pricing…

Most everyone wants to know how much something is going to cost, long before they know how it is going to appear as a finished product.

What we attempt to bring to the table of negotiation, is an ability to exhibit a truer likeness for the results that you will be paying for.

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Swimming Pool Applications

Brush strokes on the canvas…

Step #1…

The first step to our approach to construction is to formulate an understanding for what is important to our Client. The objective is to line up the priorities in a sequential order, and number each of the pertinent elements, as they relate to their individualize importance.

This approach will help us in organizing, segregating and or eliminating any of the elements that need clarification in providing you with exactly what may be needed in starting a well planned journey!

Yes…this does take active participation with a Client, and this is a very important point.

Why?…Because we have found that by categorizing each of the possibilities, we are providing our Clients with the benefits of our knowledge and experience, in a palatable form.

Establishing the Standards

In order to taste the richness of good results, an appreciation must be gained for the necessities of adequately planning. It will be from these ingredients that a recipe for success can provide a bounty of delectable flavors or leaves a bad taste!

We approach planning in just such a way, specifically because it exposes our Clients to a broader spectrum for what design might be able to bring to the table, before they develop digestion problems!.

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Details are important…

The idiom “the devil is in the detail” was actually derived from the earlier phrase, “God is in the detail;” which was expressing the idea that whatever one does, one should make sure that it’s being done thoroughly; i.e. details are important!

Each of the six categories that are listed below, when answered, will provide us better insight for your wants and desires.

Individually they contribute to better planning but, by identifying which will play a role or not…in the design process, they become a very useful tool for affixing a “Hard Number” to the price of placing nail to forms.

In order to be the recipient of 1st Class standards that can be hidden in an expectation, someone must exhibit a likeness for the intentions. Absent such representation, it leaves a great deal to the imagination!

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A great place to start this process is in deciding upon how you’d like to approach organizing your thoughts. If you are spending thousands of dollars on proposed improvements, isn’t it important to formalize ideas and anchor commitments to a strong likeness.

Good Plans and specifications offer you a clear and concise understanding for what is being said. In developing your ideas please “Cut” and “Paste” the form below into a Word.doc and respond via email to: mike@epoolscapes.com

1. Design discussion items about shapes, colors, mood, function, uses & outdoor objectives;

• Color #1__________ Color #2__________ Color #3__________
• Function 1st _______________
• Function 2nd _______________
• Function 3rd _______________
• Area #1 Uses _________________________
• Area #2 Uses _________________________
• Area #3 Uses___________________________
• Objective #1 _________________________________
• Objective #2 _________________________________
• Objective #3 _________________________________
• Objective #4 _________________________________

2. Establishment of design importance criterion i.e. Master Plan, Phased Master Plan, Portioned or Partial Plan;

• □ Master Plan
• □ Phased Master Plan
• □ Partial Plan
• □ Zones Plan
• □ Conceptual Only

3. Match your desires with the a number level of value for each of the items, with #1 being highest;

Swimming Pool / Spa Plan:
• □ Hardscape #__
• □ Plumbing #__
• □ Electrical #__
• □ Water Features #__
• □ Elevations #__

• □ Plantings #__
• □ Irrigation #__
• □ Drainage #__
• □ Lighting #__
• □ Masonry #__
• □ Structures #__

• □ Geotechnical #__
• □ Project Management #__
• □ Site Supervision #__
• □ Other Details #__
• □ Other_________________

4. Establish the balance of importance between quality, integrity & longevity & costs with #1 being highest;

• □ Quality #_____
• □ Integrity #_____
• □ Longevity #_____
• □ Costs #____

5. Identify each item with your perception of measurable worth, as a comparative percentage to the total;

• □ Swimming Pool _____%
• □ Hardscape_____%
• □ Landscape _____%
• □ Structures _____%
• □ Other Details________________________

6. Identify the overall construction budgetary expectations and considerations “not to exceed”, limits of involvement;

• □ Swimming Pool $_____
• □ Hardscape $_____
• □ Landscape $_____
• □ Structures $_____

□ Total $________

7. Based upon the above Design Work Scope, we will be able to quote the costs for providing Design Services, prior to meeting on-site. These will be arranged according to the level of design commitment being required by you, as follows;

Pool Plan: $_________ □ Hardscape, □ Plumbing, □ Electrical, □ Layout, □ Elevations
Landscape: $________ □ Planting Plan □ Irrigation, □ Drainage, □ Lighting
Hardscape: $________ □ Concrete Flat-work □ Masonry, □ Structures
Other Details: $______ □ Specifications, □ Construction Details
Engineering: $_______ □ Structural, □ Architectural □ Geotechnical, □ Other:____

8. Commitment to Design and and scheduling of 1st Site Meeting time-frame;

□ Date ___________ □ Time _________ Scheduled Duration ________________

Contact Info:
Home Telephone #: (___)______________
Cell #: (___)______________
Email: ___________________________

□ Street Address _________________
□ City ________________
□ State: ___________
□ Zip ____________

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