We can provide you with both concise and articulate directions, that will leave very little chance of your project becoming funneled through the narrow corridor that exist between profit taking and project making!

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Property Plot Map Example

The 1st Step in Planning, is preparation…

When purchasing a home, the Title Report will contain a document that is attached and is refereed to as, The Property’s Plot Map (PP) or Parcel Map., together with providing an APN# (Accessory’s Parcel Number).

We will need a copy of this document and either by taking a clear photo image (JPG) with a smart phone or scanning it, you can email it to us, together with any Homeowner Association / Architectural Review (HOA /ARC) guidelines.

The importance of this document, is to provide accurate and current information about the Property Line Dimensions, Building Set-Back Restrictions (SB), Public Utility Easements (PUE) and other elements of regulated usage and or community guidelines that can further define the available or allowable property space for a planned project.

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Level-1       Level-2       Level-3       Level-4       Level-5       Level-6       Level-7       Level-8       Level-9

Swimming Pool Dimensional LayoutSwimming Pool Plumbing & Electrical LayoutSwimming Pool Mandated Safety RegulationsSwimming Pool Construction DetailsSwimming Pool Engineering SpecificationsLandscaping Planting RequirementsIrrigation Hydro-Zoning Design RequirementsDrainage System Design RequirementsLow Voltage Lighting Design Requirements

Swimming Pool Design…

In preparation for building or in some cases remodeling a swimming pool, there are many components that may play a role in directing the construction attitude in a fashion that can make you the beneficiary of great planning!

The Construction Attitude…

How something is constructed ultimately has to do with what was previewed on plan and then affixed to a quotation.

Depending upon the informational details, a thorough and committed approach may or may not become reality as a result of being distracted in the enticements being presented in a lower price!

Most performers aren’t going to miraculously implement an upgraded standard or consider the possibilities for what goes into a 1st Class approach, especially if they do not have these standards considered in their pricing. The truth be-known, how could they when 95% of the opportunities awarded to perform are based upon the price, rather than the value?

A bad job doesn’t look better just because it cost less

Equally important simply writing off the key fundamental importance of good planning to the subjectivity of just happenstance and hopefulness, that all will go perfectly well, in all reality…is just illusionary!

The Predestination of a Project…

By clicking on the SAT-IMAGE below you can view our Design Conceptualization that enabled us to plan and construction the referenced project.

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Conceptual Photo Imagery

By clicking on the images below you can view different vantage points of the construction’s completion of this project.

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Custom Pool & Spa__Custom Pool & Spa_Fire Pit

Preparation and planning allows ideas and concepts to evolve on paper long before the written manifestations take form from brick and mortar! The layers beneath these conceptualizations affirm that the utilities and infrastructures will direct the illuminations, water effects, automation control-abilities and the culmination of these elements of consideration breath life into your outdoor living environment’s operational functionality.

Price Vs Values…

Realize that real contributions just don’t happen by themselves and that the best results can’t happen if experience and knowledge in planning doesn’t take place, first!

If the assessments evaluations for the necessary performances aren’t being anticipated, then you most likely would be getting them included in the price! If a Builder fails to comprehend the level sophistication for what should be laid beneath, then you can expect to see Change Order increases to the price. Change Orders can often lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment and these have a mutual fault in as a result of being ill prepared!

For the Consumer had an opportunity to enforce a prescription prior to deceiving themselves into believing that something unbelievable could be obtained from something priced so unbelievably inexpensive! Such illusions are most often fueled further by the nativity in understandings for what actually goes into building something that can encapsulate longevity and lasting value.

It is in this state of corrupted meaning that the superficial evaluations aspire into being suggested as plausible by Builders that sell on price and the temptations of building some less substantial becomes the new standards for lowering the bar rather than raising it!.

The Alphabet for Scribing Measured Value to Pricing….

Please view the imagery below for many of the possible considerations that can become part of a well planned approach to preparing to build a swimming pool.

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1a: Swimming Engineering1b Equipment Schematic1c1-d Swimming Equipment Specifications1-e Electrical Load Specifications1-f Safety Barrier1-g VGBA Main Drains1-h VGBA Surface Skimmer1-i Swimming Pool Title 24 Energy Efficiencies width=Swimming Pool Plumbing & Electrical Schematics

1-k Sedimentation Erosion Mitigation Plan1-l Drainage and Grading Plan1-m Property Plot Plan1-n Special Construction Details1-o Special Applications Details1-p Renderings1-q Special Elements Details1-r Mechanical Details1-s Photo Imagery Conceptuals1-t Municipal Institutional Details

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We Can Prepare Your Request for Proposals (RFP)…

If you have gotten to the end of this webpage and can see the value in organizing your solicitations well then, we have an special offer for you!

On a fee basis, we’ll prepare your plans and specifications for a Permit Ready Building Permit submission. When these plans are completed, you will have participated in calling-out everything desired and you truly will have a set of plans that will provide your with a 1st class standard.

You can then solicit anyone you’d like to compare to our pricing for the “per plans” and “specifications” approach. If you receive a legitimate lower bid from a qualified Licensed, Bonded, Insured Swimming C-53 Swimming Pool Builder, the plans are free (conditions apply)!

If you wish to use the plans for other reasons, you can also purchase them at the established fee based value.

The bottom line is that you will have great plans that will deliver a 1st Class Standard and something that truly can be compared!

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