Work scope clarifications… standards for building the very best swimming pool…

We don’t just claim to build a great pool, in these exhibits, we provide the examples that can allow you to become better informed about how this is actually accomplished.


The simple short answer is…because absent such a yardstick for the measurements, our competition can actually be seen as building the same product, and that’s simply not true!

Dare to compare…

Swimming for health...

So…in soliciting estimates, start with comparing a quality minded approach and measure the long-term benefits that an advance knowledge and understanding can provide you and your family!

Our pools operated using less energy and are less expensive to maintain! Those benefits will result in providing you measurable savings, that will pay in dividends over the life of your pool…


• Sewer / Septic Tanks
• Water / Gas
• Electric / Cable / Phone
(Power Overhead, Underground, Main Panel Up-sizing)


• Trees /Concrete/Awnings
• Sheds/Site Debris/Patio Covers


• Neighbor access, and fence reconstruction
• Reconstruction of fencing / gates
• All property lines relating to accuracy
• Homeowner’s Association (HOA) approval
• Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval
• Approval of pool’s dimensional layout (length, depth, width)
• Water Curing Gunite 3-times per day for 10-days after Gunite
• Plaster brushing 3-times per day for first week after plastering
• Yard drainage
• Continuous site power supply
• Continuous site water supply
• Water quality that is acceptable for filling the pool
• Maintaining a “non-stop” water supply after plaster until pool is filled.
• Door Alarm Installation
• Pavement and Street Cleaning
• Hoses for filling pool
• Damage and repairs (drains, plants, concrete in path of travel)
• Scheduling on-site availability for Pre-Plaster Inspection
• Scheduling on-site availability for Pre-Final Inspection
• Hard Dig / Rock excavation requiring additional equipment
• Expansive soil conditions
• Travel Distance (when beyond a 50 mile range from Rocklin, CA)
• Limited Access (Less than 6’-6” distance)
• De-watering due to high ground water
• Equipment location beyond allowance
• Utility run beyond allowance
• Hazardous soil (Asbestos, Arsenic, etc.)
• Continuous site water supply

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