Structural / Geotechnical Engineering…

The 2% Design Fee does not include structural and or geotechnical engineering, as the structural engineering may be Boiler Plate or Site Specific for the conditions of construction being proposed and if “Site Specific” in necessary then we can’t provide a quote for engineering until the preliminary design has been completed.

Site Specific Engineering…

This may require us to review your property’s Soils Report of which you will need to make a copy available to us for review. As mentioned above, there are two approaches to structural engineering regarding swimming pools, Boiler Plate Standard and Site Specific, please use the link below to become better informed about these two different approaches.

Click HERE to read more on engineering (use your Browser’s back arrow to return to this page).

Expanded Work Scope

If the work scope broadens from this original understanding and requires us to exhibit additional information on plan, then we will need to agree upon an adjusted ERCV before proceeding with further design obligations that express these added design requirements.


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