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Things to know….

Pools can range from simple to very sophisticated and pricing for a complete swimming pool and an outdoor living environment will normally correspond to how your builder approaches each opportunity. Performances will generally fall into two categories, a.) Production Style Sub-Contractor basis or b.) In-house Employee Staffed performance.

You may be asking so, how do these differences really matter…quite simply they both result in building a pool so, why all the hoopla?

Some approaches can involve a performance where complaints are many and can utilize several different subcontractors to construct a project. Some will be on an individual basis where the same tradesmen that dig the pool, finish the pool…while others will bid too low to finish the project and end in a lawsuit.

The fast pace production style builder has a history of bad press and unlawful tactics that leave many Homeowner’s in a lurch and cause our industry to suffer a blemished complexion.

Differences in approach…

Some customers will see a value in dealing with one entity like ePoolscapes.com that performs the work, start to finish. Some will see a value in a production style performance that deals with delegating fifteen to thirty different people the responsibility of performing individual segments of the construction at a 50:1 supervisor ratio to project. Never realizing that in such an approach, few such performers will actually see a “finished pool” during their contribution.

If logic could prevail for a moment…

Realize that in running any business one of the most important aspect of acquiring consistent results, will be your control over your human resources. In maintaining control over your product it is imperative that each employee best represents the finished product being produced.

You will not just be buying steel reinforcements or Gunite or Plumbing or Concrete. What you are buying is a accumulative total swimming pool work scope that must all fit together into a finished product. (22-Good Questions to ask?)

When deploying multiple subs to multiple tasks without a daily orchestrator providing critiquing supervision, the musicians often only hear their own music. It is most unrealistic to expect a separate company’s employee to appreciate the music that was played during the sales presentation, note for note!

Additionally, in actually accomplishing expedient production that could result in gaining from an economy of scale, it would require rehearsing a refined repetitious simplicity of an instrument-less acappella performance.

In building such a swimming pool or outdoor living environment the original music could easily become unrecognizable.

An appreciation for such a metaphor can be gained if one has ever observed such a ruckus of disconnected strangers. The complete picture for meeting the objective gets lost… and this is one good reason why our industry has suffered a blemished complexion. In such an arena these two very different approaches (and many others in between) can disable a fair evaluation for what you actually are receiving.

Historical relevance…

Over recent years, many large and small production builders that have utilized sub-contractors for much of the work have lost sight of profit while being distracted with cash flow. This results in some larger companies cheapening the meaning for the possibilities while pooling your money into a company general fund. These organizations have multiple salespeople selling and when sales out paces production things get rescheduled, delayed and can sometimes end up not being completed. This is why you don’t want to over-pay or agree to a payment schedule that places you at an unfair disadvantage.

Several organizations in our area have “gone under” as a result. They have left homeowners with incomplete projects forcing them to pay twice, to get one job completed. In making a decision to select a capable performer it would be far wiser to measure the longevity, motivations and credentials of a contender rather than merely letting the distraction of pricing make the decision for you. Follow this web-link to the Contractor State Licensing Board and investigate how long any company you’re considering to hire has actually been building, specifically pools. Many don’t have the experience so, of course they think it’s all very simple.

Fact verses Fiction…

Some will approach it from a black and white mindset and others will attempt to make you the beneficiaries of a wide-screen HDTV view of knowledge and time tested experience for the possibilities. When price is the single most common denominator for making “value” assessments, then you should come to know the differences in what “value” really means for you and your family.

Economics 101 tells you that in attempting to attain a 1st class performance you can’t pay cookies for wages if you want to taste the whole pie. Additionally, when an economic down turn causes a reduction in business volume, self professed larger businesses with larger overheads will have less of your budget to invest in your project so, how would they be able to bring more to the table, with less? The fact is they can’t buy the pool equipment, Gunite, Plaster, Tile and so on, for any less than us! We get our products at the best wholesale pricing and services from people we have been working with for years…

Our story…

The simple reality is that ePoolscapes.com is one of the oldest family owned locally operated companies in the Sacramento area, which is actually doing the work! Our pricing is the most competitively responsible pricing that is available anywhere and our finished product is second to none. As a third generation builder we also provide swimming pool audits, maintenance, service, repair, remodeling, design, consulting and project management…. and we build for life…


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