Preparing For The Estimate…

This webpage supports an itemized “Checklist Form” below, that outlines the many important details that should go into providing an accountable proposal / estimate.

It should be expected,…that the layperson will not be able to complete this form without first acquiring an orientation (Call us @ 800 766-5259) but, please engage the form and attempt to familiarize yourself with some of your choices that can anchor accountability for the value being quoted in a price!

Our belief is that the more informed our Clients are about what they are buying, the greater potential for them to acquire greater value from a great price!

Developing Your Specifications…

We have prepared the “Checklist Form” below as a tool in which you can easily identify the possibilities for designing and building your Custom In-Ground Swimming Pool and or Spa.

In building In-Ground Swimming Pools and Spas, a true “specification” should be established and from this a price should be attached to that level of commitment.

Please take a few minutes and become more familiar with your choices and help us to connect a great price to the type of Pool and Spa that you desire!

So,…if you could please “select” the components of interest listed below on this webpage and press the “submit” button at the bottom, we will be able to respond in providing you with more accurate pricing information upon receiving your submission.

Activate your selections in choices by hovering over the “buttons” in each category and then left clicking and or filling in the missing information in the blanks.

Estimating Checklist Form

It will not be necessary for you to provide “measurements”, unless you have these already in mind. Typically, we would perform a “take-off” from your plan’s final draft as part of our design / specification development.

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Upon receipt of contact information, we can begin the process of preparing. The next step is to develop your plans and provide you a quotation. Please review the short video clip below to see how this is accomplished, by clicking on the image.

Thank you for considering for your upcoming outdoor improvement requirements, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michael Chaffee
Earth Dynamics Poolscapes Inc.

(800) 766-5259


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