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Thank You!…for your inquiry into our design and planning services. Please take a few minutes and read our design services work scope outlined below in order to be more familiar with the benefits of great design!

This introduction will be referencing several of our website’s linked web-pages in order to provide you with additional information about our planning efforts. These links will further explain our focused efforts at defining your outdoor living environment expectations on your plans.

Additional Information…

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Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout Plan

This is a sample Plot Plan showing some of the possible mandated property restrictions i.e. Public Utility Easement (PUE), Pool Building Set-Backs, etc..

The “Proposed Pool / Spa Area” is denoted in blue and the selected pool / spa shape can be drawn upon a revision of your Plot Plan, as you will indicate on the form below what is applicable and according to the available space and sizing proportional dimensions.

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Preliminary Plot Plan Layout

Your Official Plot Plan…

This is a document that provides us with referenced information for several aspects of your lot i.e. Building Set-Backs, Public Utility Easements, Lot Dimensions, Etc., and other elements that can restrict the space available for building.

In order to correctly exhibit any proposed development we must first familiarize ourselves with the existing conditions and any of the restrictions that pertain so that the proposed development does not conflict with the conditional use of your property.

Click HERE to see a sample Plot Plan (use your Browser’s back arrow to return to this page).

Click HERE to review what is necessary for a Building Permit

Design fee basis…

Our design fee structure is based on 2% of our Estimated Retail Construction Value (ERCV) for your project.

We use our multi-generational experience in construction to equate a value for the size and scope of your project.

The design will be according to the terms and conditions stated in our Standard Design Agreement (SDA).

Click HERE to review our SDA (use your Browser’s back arrow to return to this page).

The ERCV will be based upon our historical experience having designed, estimated and constructed outdoor living environments for over three decades. Our initial estimate will be assessed for the value of the work being proposed.

If the work scope broadens from this original understanding and requires us to exhibit additional information on plan, then we will need to agree upon an adjusted ERCV before proceeding with further design obligations that express these added design requirements.

Structural / Geotechnical Engineering…

The design fee does not include structural and or geotechnical engineering, as the structural engineering will be Boiler Plate or Site Specific for the conditions of construction being proposed and can’t be quoted until the preliminary design has been completed.

This may require us to review your property’s Soils Report of which you will need to make a copy available to us for review. As mentioned above, there are two approaches to structural engineering regarding swimming pools, Boiler Plate Standard and Site Specific, please use the link below to become better informed about these two different approaches.

Click HERE to read more on engineering (use your Browser’s back arrow to return to this page).

The process…

Our approach to planning an outdoor living environment involves a few sequential steps for getting your ideas and our knowledge and experience rolling on the same page.

We start by having you precede with the following;

  • 1st Contact our office at (800) 766-5259 and make arrangement to secure a 50% design retainer.

  • 2nd Email us a legible pdf. or jpg. file copy of you property’s officially recognized Plot Plan or Parcel Map.

  • 3rd Provide us with a rough sketch and or drawing of your initial ideas.

  • 4th Complete our Request for Information (RFI) (See form at bottom of this page and submit)


Sample Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout Plan

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Sample Sheet P-1 Preliminary Layout Plan

Please complete the form below and submit at the bottom. If your have any questions, please don’t hesitate contact us at; (800) 766-5259

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