In order to have something to compare between contending Contractors, you’ll need to establish a common framework, which can help organize your desires into a swimming pool industry’s common language.

This page has been developed as an easy to follow “Specification Form” and it lists most all of the choices that will involve providing you with detailed costs estimates.

The form…is located below the YouTube video, so might we suggest 1st watching the video and then returning to this page, in order to complete the form and submit it at the bottom of the form.

Please click on the YouTube video link below in order to become more acquainted with how this form page can help you develop your specification.

Specifications Development

We have prepared this form in an effort to provide you a venue for organizing your ideas into a script for developing your specifications.

By filling in the blanks and selecting the options buttons listed below you will have provided us with the tools for putting together a stronger design resemblance to your conceptual ideas.

Upon completing the Design Concept, we can then truthfully measure and quantify the requirements for construction and ultimately provide you with a fully accountable estimate / proposal.

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