Units of Measurements in an “Estimate”…

Standardizing the units and measures in a proposal is a crucial element in deriving a meaningful conclusion to any comparative analyses.

Different contractors may present proposals that substantially differ in content and expression. Establishing the language in which you wish to communicate is critical to arriving at an understanding for the dialog to take place. The following is an industry wide standard, take the time to formulate your “Request for Proposals” using this terminology;


  • LF = Lineal Foot Wall Footings, Mow strips, Waterline Tile, Piping Systems, Conduit, etc.
  • SF = Square Foot Concrete Surface Area, Wall Surface Area, Sod Area, Grading, etc.
  • CY = Cubic Yard Bark, Topsoil, Gunite, etc.
  • TN = Ton AB Rock, Cobble Stone, Aggregates, etc.
  • CF = Cubic Foot Boulders, Drain Rock, etc.
  • EA = Each Plants, Sprinkler Heads, Controllers, Backflow Units., Gates, etc.
  • LS = Lump Sump Engineering, All Inclusive Items, etc.
  • MO = Monthly Pool Service, Landscape Maintenance, etc.
  • HR = Hourly Concrete Pumper, Service Repairs, Manpower, etc.
  • GPM = Gallons per Minute Pumps, Water Mains, Wells, etc.
  • FPS = Feet per Second Piping, Water Mains, Fittings, etc.
  • AMPS = Amperes Motors, Electrical Breakers, etc.
  • LBS = Pounds Filter Sand, etc.
  • WT = Watt Lighting Transformers, Lights, etc.

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