Developing Swimming Pool Equipment Specifications

Long before a “price” can be compared, a “specification” should be established that indicates everything that is to be compared!

This should become an integral part of any estimate and these documents should be connected to any agreement to perform per the Plans and Specifications.

Our plans and specifications make it perfectly clear, as to what standards are being practiced and what products are being made inclusive.

Please “click” on image below in order to enlarge a our Sample Specifications.

ePoolscapes Sample Specification

In order to gain a greater understanding for the different products that are available please view the brief product descriptions below for some of the features and functions.

Click on thumbnail images, in order to view “subject specific” information
Pump           Filter           Heater        Lights      EasyTouch    IntelliTouch    Spa      Backwash

Pentair IntelliPro PumpPentair Triton Sand FilterPentair Gas HeaterPentair GloBrite Pool & Spa LightsPentair EasyTouch AutomationIntelliTouch Spa Construction DetailPentair Backwash Valve standards for building the very best swimming pool…

We don’t just claim to build a great pool, these are the exhibits that we provide on our plans and specifications as examples that can allow you to become better informed about how we actually accomplished building a better swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Estimate

There is a wide range of available special effects, that can encompass everything from LED Laminar Deck Jets to Fire Pit Water Features…and more!

Click on thumbnail images, in order to view our “Equipment” by the numbers
   F-Pump       Filter Feeder       EasyTouch      Cleaner     Auto-fill        Fire Pit    Deck Jet LED Light

IntelliPro Variable Speed PumpSand FilterChemical Erosion FeederEasyTouch Automatic ControllerSuction Side Pool CleanerAutofill DeviceCustom Fire Pit Water FeatureLED Deck Jets

  LED Light    LED Waterfall     QuickTouch     Valves     Backflow    B-Pump     Generator Heater

LED Pool & Spa LightsLED Lighted WaterfallsQuickTouch Wireless Control2-Way & 3-Way ValvesBackflow Prevention UnitSpa & Water Feature Booster PumpSalt / Chlorine GeneratorPool & Spa Heater

Time Clock   L-LED Light   Spa Control  Spa Jets  IntelliTouch  Actuator  pH Control   Wireless Remote

Intermatic Time ClocksIntelliBrite LED Light10-Function Spa Side ControlWaterway Spa JetsIntelliTouch ControllerValve ActuatorpH ControllerIntelliTouch Wireless Remote

Why do you need a plan ?…

The simple short answer is…because absent the establishment of a real “yardstick” for the measurements, how can anything truly be accounted for and actually be understood as having the same merits of an equally committed approach for building the same product? The short answer…quite simply, they can’t!

Dare to compare…

Swimming for health...

So…in soliciting estimates, start with comparing a quality minded approach and measure the long-term benefits that an advanced knowledge and understanding can provide you and your family!

The Best 2014 Offer in the Industry…

  • FACT #1: You will need a set of plans and specifications in order to acquire a Swimming Pool Building Permit, in the State of California.
  • FACT#2: Your permit plans…as submitted, are what becomes build-able.
  • FACT:#3: If we assist you in developing “your” plans for delivering upon high quality desires, then you won’t be sold on the opportunity of a lower quality profit taking?
  • FACT:#4: Our plans are free, if another licensed, insured, bonded, Builder contracts with you for less!…

    We’ll help you to develop your own “Permit Ready Plans” that you can then, solicit anyone to provide you with a Bid to perform an equally comparable job!

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    A.) Standard Plastering Finishes

    B.) Topical and Tile Products

    C.) Energy Efficiency

    D.) Equipment Upgrades

    E.) Equipment Descriptions

    F.) Concrete Decking Considerations

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