This webpage has been developed in order to allow you to enter your project’s specific information into a useful form format. It is important to be as thorough as possible by completely filling in all the relevant information so that when we begin the design process we have a complete understanding for the requirements.


Besides filling out the form below, we will need you to forward the project’s layout sketch that indicates the following;

  • First Floor Dimensional Layout Sketch (Including Doors & Window Sizes)
  • Second Floor Dimensional Layout Sketch (Including Doors & Window Sizes)
  • Plot Plan Property Line Dimensions
  • Public Utility Easements Set-Backs Dimensions
  • Lot Coverage Total SF (Existing, Addition)


Additionally, we will need you to forward any unique prerequisites that may pertain to securing a Building Permit i.e;

  • Supporting Engineering
  • Standard General Notes (Beyond what’s mentioned on the form below)
  • Property SAT- IMAGE
  • Property Street View
  • Photo Examples (Structure Images)
  • Electrical Plan


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Acquiring the officially recognized property “Parcel Map” and or “Plot Plan“, together with the APN# can aid the process for developing a greater understanding for some of the “deeded” restrictions that may exist,;

  • Public Utility Easements (PUE’s)
  • Building Set-Backs (SB)
  • Height Restrictions
  • Homeowner’s Association Guidelines (HOA)
  • Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
  • Septic & Well Set-Backs
  • Codes, Conditions and Regulations (CCR)

and other related discoveries than may constrict the plans for development.

Becoming aware of these particular conditions,…prior to beginning the design process can reduce duplicated efforts and the need for incurring additional design costs for making the otherwise unnecessary revisions.

Click HERE to view a sample Plot Plan

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