An explanation of Pricing and Specifications

This webpage provides an explanation for the possible Work Scope categories, that can become made part of our Construction Proposal / Agreement.

The Work Scope’s outline will represent a listing of the possibilities for improvements, as indicated below in Items 1 thru 6.


  • 1.) Base Price Swimming Pool
  • 2.) Base Price Spa
  • 3.) Water Features and Specialty Features
  • 4.) Concrete Flat-Work
  • 5.) Add Options (Landscaping, Lighting, Irrigation, Drainage, etc…)
  • 6.) Upgrade Options


Our pricing is assuming that we would be performing the complete project’s Work Scope, all at one time.

This provides us with the opportunity to employ the greatest efficiencies in the execution of the work, while providing you with the maximum benefits of an economy in scale performance, which can allow us to provide you our best pricing!


Hard Estimates…should be connected to an accounting procedure that provides for a Billing of Quantities (BOQ).

The BOQ is for quantifying the size and scope of involvement, and is used for making assessments for the requirements. It can also provide you with assurances that everything that has been accounted for, as well as a useful tool for making comparisons among other contenders.

Click on the image below to view “Units of Measurements”…

Estimating & Measurements


Our Base Price Swimming Pool costs encompasses the following construction elements:

Click on the image below to view “Units of Measurements”…

The Base Price Inclusions

Click on bold / underlined titles below to view examples of the Work Scope outlined above;

  • a.) Layout and Excavation
  • b.) Steel Reinforcements (Per Standard Steel Schedule)
  • c.) Plumbing, Electrical & Lighting
  • d.) Skimmer, Main Drain and Light
  • e.) Gunite Applications (Per Engineering)
  • f.) Tile Installation
  • g.) Equipment Installation
  • h.) Pool Plastering

    If included in your considerations, our Base Price In-Ground Spa costs can encompass several upgraded features. Read through the following information, in an effort to gain greater familiarity with what can be made inclusive in your “Relaxation Station”…

    Click on image below to enlarge…

    Base Price Pool Bid Breakout

    Establishing your Spa’s standards…

    In-Ground Spas can mean many different things to many different people. What’s important to know, is what kind of Spa is important to you and to script that specification in a way that will meet both the price point value and the enjoyability.

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    Spa Pressure Points

    Click on bold / underlined titles below to view examples

  • a.) Spa Jet and Seating Layout
  • b.) Spa Operational Functionality
  • c.) Layout & Excavation
  • d.) Rough-In Plumbing & Electrical
  • e.) Main Drain(s) and Light(s)
  • f.) Steel Reinforcements (Per Standard Steel Schedule)
  • g.) Gunite Applications (Per Engineering)
  • h.) Tile Installation

    If included, our Water and Special Features costs can encompass the following construction elements:

    Click on image below to enlarge view of a sample Rock Waterfall Rendering

    Rock Waterfall Rendering

    Click on bold / underlined titles below to view examples

  • a.) Sheer Descent Waterfall(s) w/ LED Lighting
  • b.) Sheer Descent Waterfall(s)
  • c.) Deck Jets w/ LED Lighting
  • d.) Deck Jets
  • e.) Laminar Jets w/ Fiber Optic
  • f.) Bubbler Heads w/ LED Lighting
  • g.) Hot Water Floor Returns
  • h.) Custom 3.00″ Overflow
  • i.) Gas Fire Pit
  • j.) Custom Water Slides
  • k.) Custom Raised Spa w/ Spillway
  • l.) Faux Rockery
  • m.) Natural Rockery
  • n.) Custom Gunite & Raised Bond Beam Applications (Per Engineering)
  • o.) Custom Tile Installation
  • p.) Other Equipment

    Please click HERE to view information about Concrete Flat-Work

      5.) ADD OPTIONS

    Please click HERE to view information about Landscaping

      6.) UPGRADES

    Please click HERE to view information about Upgrades

    The Pricing Structure

    The BASE PRICE POOL, can include; SPA and CONCRETE PATIO and other ADD OPTIONS and or UPGRADES per your desires but, most often these are separated and itemized into our quotation and the elemental ADD ON ITEMS are located in the yellow colored square, at the upper left side of the Estimate Form.

    Please view our sample forms below and you can see by combining these values you will be able to arrive at a grand total value.

    Please let us know if you wish to eliminate any of the Add Options or Upgrade items that are listed and or other elements and we will revise the Works Scope and adjust our pricing accordingly.

    Sample Estimating Form and Sample Specification Form

    Click on images below to enlarge…

    Sample Estimating Form___Sample Specification Form


    • Sewer / Septic Tanks
    • Water / Gas
    • Electric / Cable / Phone
    (Power Overhead, Underground, Main Panel Up-sizing)

    REMOVING OBSTACLES: (excluded):

    • Trees /Concrete/Awnings
    • Sheds/Site Debris/Patio Covers


    • Neighbor access, and fence reconstruction
    • Reconstruction of fencing / gates
    • All property lines relating to accuracy
    • Homeowner’s Association (HOA) approval
    • Architectural Review Committee (ARC) approval
    • Approval of pool’s dimensional layout (length, depth, width)
    • Water Curing Gunite 3-times per day for 10-days after Gunite
    • Plaster brushing 3-times per day for first week after plastering
    • Yard drainage
    • Continuous site power supply
    • Continuous site water supply
    • Water quality that is acceptable for filling the pool
    • Maintaining a “non-stop” water supply after plaster until pool is filled.
    • Door Alarm Installation
    • Pavement and Street Cleaning
    • Hoses for filling pool
    • Damage and repairs (drains, plants, concrete in path of travel)
    • Scheduling on-site availability for Pre-Plaster Inspection
    • Scheduling on-site availability for Pre-Final Inspection
    • Hard Dig / Rock excavation requiring additional equipment
    • Expansive soil conditions
    • Travel Distance (when beyond a 50 mile range from Rocklin, CA)
    • Limited Access (Less than 6’-6” distance)
    • De-watering due to high ground water
    • Equipment location beyond allowance
    • Utility run beyond allowance
    • Hazardous soil (Asbestos, Arsenic, etc.)
    • Continuous site water supply

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