In preparing to invest into a backyard living environment, an In-ground Swimming Pool and or Spa can be a key element for consideration, in that of providing a strong return on your real estate investment!

Getting Started…

Swimming Pool Equipment SelectionsIf you are looking to purchase a new or remodeled swimming pool, spa and or possible landscaping, it is very important in today’s very competitive world to become a little more familiar with how to compare.

We have provided you with a “Sample Estimate Form” on this webpage, in order to allow you to familiarize yourselves with how our quotation / proposal will appear.

We also have provided you with images of some of the equipment being considered.

“click” upon an image, to enlarge, “click” again to return to this page.

Swimming Pool Quotation Pg.1___Swimming Pool Quotation Pg.2

Formulating your specification…

In order to better serve your investment dollar’s greatest potential…we have prepared a “checklist” form on this page below, in which our prospective Clients might take a few moments to entertain the many possibilities of further expression for the requirements.

Some of the items listed below may likely be more technical in nature than you may be familiar with but, in engaging the opportunity for discussion, we believe it provides us both an opportunity to better formulate a more accurate and thorough quotation response.

A Plan For Action…

“click” upon the plan, to enlarge, “click” again to return to this page.

Swimming Pool Plan Example

By connecting your specifications to a “Detailed Plan” you can be assured that both the desired elements and the standards will become obligatory to the installation performance of each specific trade.

So,…if you could please “select” the components of interest listed below on this webpage and press the “submit” button at the bottom, we will be able to respond in providing you with more accurate pricing information upon receiving your submission.

Additionally, we will need a copy of your property’s Plot Plan in order to review any applicable building restrictions, i.e.; Building Set-Backs (SB), Public Utility Easements (PUE), Equipment Set-Backs, etc..Click HERE to view a sample of the information we are looking for on your Plot Plan.

Working With Our Form…

Activate your selections in choices by hovering over the “buttons” in each category and then left clicking.

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