The ABL is the basis from which all additional design layers evolve. Once acceptance is acknowledged the remaining design elements will be produced from this main layout P-1 Sheet and the corresponding layers will exhibit the deeper understanding for the requirements as follows;

  • SHEET P-1: Site Plan (Showing dimensional layout for improvements)

  • SHEET P-2: Pool Equipment Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water meter locations and secondary runs)

  • SHEET P-3: Pool Concrete Flat-Work (As applicable to for the purpose of the proposed design)

  • SHEET P-4: Pool Codes and Safety Regulations (California Building Codes and Safety Regulations)

  • SHEET P-5: Title 24 VGBA Regulations (Flow calculations, pump curves and drain cover criteria)

  • SHEET P-6: Pool Equipment Schematic (A diagrammatic representation of the equipment pad)

  • SHEET P-7: Pool Plumbing & Electrical (Pad to pool’s corresponding numbers of pipes and conduits)

  • SHEET P-8: Pool Lighting System (Pad to pool’s corresponding numbers of conduits)

  • SHEET P-9: Structural Engineering (Site Specific or Boiler Plate as quoted separately)


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