Building Permit, Construction Plans, Payments

Our process for building successful relationships …

• We are a small family owned and locally operated construction company

• We span three generations in designing / building our swimming pools, landscapes, irrigation systems, drainage networks, low voltage lighting systems, masonry, concrete flat-work and many other elements…So, we truly do understand what it takes to make a complete project come to fruition…

1.Finalize Purchase

    • We receive a signed agreement for the complete work scope

    • We allow for the 3-Days recession period (required by law)

    • We layout the pool (on-site) with your participation

    • We forward your permit fees to the local Building Department

2. Weekly Updates

    • We Follow-up the permit process and provide weekly updates…every Friday!

3. Permit Process

    • The permit process can range from same day to several weeks (varies by City / County)

4. Begin Construction

    • We will mobilize and begin construction within 7-days of having attained a Building Permit.

5. Time-Frame

    • We will complete the project within the prescribe time-frame (usually 30-45 Days for most pools).

Work Scope Payment Requirements

Beginning 1st WEEK:= 15% Excavation

End 1st WEEK:= 25% Rough Plumb. / Electric Steel

2ND WEEK: = 35% Upon compliant Pre-Gunite Inspection
(passed #1 inspection required)

3RD WEEK:= 15% Upon compliant Pre Decking Inspection
(passed #2 inspection required)

4TH WEEK:= 5% Upon compliant Pre-Plaster Inspection
(passed #3 inspection required)

5TH WEEK: = 5%Upon compliant Final Inspection
(passed #4 inspection required) is the only local swimming pool builder that connects the payment structure to the compliant accomplishment of passing (4) four independent inspections that are performed by the local building department. Additionally…unlike many other builders we don’t receive the last payment until we have accomplished your “Final Inspection” on the pool, as completed!

This is truly a unique self imposed level of accountability and we have encourage other builders to follow our example but, unfortunately we haven’t seen any takers as of yet…to date!

We will have you swimming sooner…we will build a better product….and we will make available a life long connection to what you have purchased for your family enjoyment for as long as you own your pool….This is our promise to you and we always deliver on our promise….
Realize that some contenders say they have been contracting for many years as a family run business but, you might want to independently verify with the CSLB under who’s Contractor’s License they might have been performing under and why they needed to change the business Ownerships, so often? We have been under the same license number for more than two decades and are one of the oldest licensed Contractor in our area continually working as the same business, in the same business. If others you are speaking with can’t be honest about their history, it could very well end up repeating itself, their history that is….


Mitchell Chaffee

(800) 766-5259 office (916) 532-5404 cell (916) 630-9393 Fax



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