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When buying a house with a pool, don’t get soaked…

For prospective homeowners and Realtor’s, a swimming pool inspection should be on the checklist of things to get completed during the Home’s Inspection Period (17 days in California is typical) and a Swimming Pool Inspection can represent a significant factor in the negotiation of an existing Home’s purchase price.

If an In-Ground Spa doesn’t turn on…or a Heater is acting finicky, it is very important to discover the problems and include the costs for making all equipment operate correctly in your offer.

The value of knowledge...

A thorough pool inspection can save you $1,000’s when you are able to include an estimate from a licensed and certified practicing swimming pool building professional.

Credential Status

Who is qualified and who is most familiar with the established industry standards that will be required in refurbishing or repairing a swimming pool?

Fully Accredited Licensed Contractor

We’ve been building and remodeling, refurbishing and repairing swimming pools in all shapes and sizes for generations and have the industry credentials to back up an informed opinion.

A superficial or incomplete inspection can actually cost you money by missing or overlooking elements that will need repairing. This is typically the result of less informed opinions that haven’t acquired the “in-depth” exposure to how to build the entire outdoor living environment.

We have been doing just that one project at a time for three generations and in having not just “built” but also demolished entire swimming pool projects, we know very well what reconstruction can involve and why?

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Swimming Inspection Report

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Equipment –  Accessories – Concrete –  Weeping  – Cracks –  Operations  – Safety –  Leaks

Pool Equipment Pad_Deck Accessories_Concrete Flat-work Cracking_Weeping Pool Wall_Gunite Wall Crack_Suction Devices Functionality_Safety Codes_Potential Sources of Pool Leaking

 Sacramento  Swimming Pool Inspection Service

Inspection Reports…

If you know something is wrong but, you don’t know exactly what…you’ll want to have it identified in writing. An “Repair Inspection Report” can outline the repairs and or equipment replacements in an organized line item fashion.

The results can be quite convenient, when soliciting contending bids from more than one company during the negotiation process, especially when substantiating estimates for repairs becomes a bone of contention and is contested. Our inspection service combined with a detailed Inspection Report and Equipment Listing for everything that can be involved on an Equipment Pad, will narrow the field of view and allow responses to culminate into something useful.

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Pool Inspection Construction Elements

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Pump           Filter            Heater         Lights          E-Auto      I- Auto      Spa         Backwash

Pentair IntelliPro Pump_Pentair Triton Sand Filter_Pentair Gas Heater_Pentair GloBrite Pool & Spa Lights_Pentair EasyTouch Automation_IntelliTouch Spa Construction Detail_Pentair Backwash Valve


You might be able to find a technician to come over for free, but the hungriest technician isn’t always going to be the best for identifying the truest and most detail approach to providing you with the CORRECT information for making a solid evaluation!

We provide an inspection with detailed information about your swimming pool and equipment. We are also licensed and insured, not to mention that ALL employees are given background checks and even hold exemplary DMV records. Except Mike, he loves his window tints.

What Is Included?

Our Swimming Pool Standard Inspection includes:

  • Plaster quality Test
  • Tile adherence Test
  • Pump suction Test
  • Equipment leakage Tests
  • Electrical Tests
  • Amperage Tests
  • Energy usage Tests
  • Lighting Function Test
  • Pool Water Chemistry Test
  • Filtration Pressure Observation

A complete report will be emailed and or mailed to the proper party. After an inspection we give a one year warranty of all equipment that pass our tests.

Optional Tests:

Optional tests include:

  • Pressure testing of pipes for leaks
  • Swimming Pool Equipment Internals inspection for proper operation
  • Pool Structure observations
  • Structural and cosmetic condition of the shell observations.

Words of Wisdom:

Maintaining a pool can be a full time job when it is not functioning correctly. We can name about 200 reasons why your pool can be a pain; however, when it is running correctly it is a breeze to maintain. Remember, there are ways to limit your workload, so have us inspect it to insure that your pool is operating at 100% to lighten YOUR load….

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