Estimates and Measurements

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Please view this video clip that is narrated by Michael Chaffee and delves into the importance of acquiring accountable estimates that are attached to accurate measurements. Many Swimming Pool estimates, bids and quotations can often at best be “guesstimates”. If the proposed work scope at the proposed price isn’t anchored to an fully expressed, commitment intention then the physical properties of such results may yield unpleasant surprises. Don’t be the victim of knowing too little, too late in the building process.

We can help you prepare your requests in a framework that can evaluate all contenders prior to soliciting potential performers. Also, if you need further assistance in evaluating responses from selected subs…. we can provide assessment overviews.

By outlining the desired work scope in a structured form of response you will be better able to deciphered and evaluated fair comparison. Don’t be sold on hope and hype…..DARE TO COMPARE!


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