Building Permit Approval, Draftsman Assistance

The path of least resistance in submitting a request for a Swimming Pool, Pool House or any other type of Building Permit requires familiarity in order to shorten the journey.The bureaucratic process that is very much part of being approved to build a construction project almost anywhere in California, requires you to submit a descriptive summation for the intentions of the construction process, in order to acquire approval.

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There isn’t a “Boiler Plate Template” that can be universally applied to every Building Department throughout the State of California or permit being requested.

Understanding what should be expressed upon the plans and what needs to be explicitly defined within a set of specifications in order to meet the criteria for the unique critiques, is key to having a painless trek, unfold!

This truly requires having local knowledge and experience, if the process is going to flow smoothly. In providing information, the objective is to get Building Officials the information they require, in a palatable form for digestion.

In many cases other departments such as a Planning Department, Environmental Health Department and others, can require you to submit in sequential order so… that the process for gaining approval can be orchestrated in a manner that will provide checks and balances.

The Building Official’s jobs are to implement the necessary procedures that can allow your project’s building approval process to come to fruition, while over viewing any possible impacts upon the community at large and or parcel specific restrictions, guidelines, covenants and special conditions.

In well prepared submissions, intuitive preparations that have a knowledge base for the review process can have everything that is required made inclusive in the permit package being submitted.

Time is money and although our services are fee based they can save you the embarrassment of hindsight and get your project moving on schedule, saving you money in the long run!

Although the California Uniform Building Code (CBC) together with other statewide adherence to national building codes such as, the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Uniform Building Code (UBC) do have many parallels, one must know what applies in each jurisdiction or where a local code can supersede.

We can assist you in outlining the required information and incorporating your “project specific” requirements into a structured transfer of relevant understandings.

Our presentations start with identifying the agencies involved and the property’s geographical location, topography contours and geotechnical conditions. Whereas situations involve more complicated building environments, our efforts can included formulating a preliminary checklist for how the the hurdles for reaching approval will appear, such as:

  • Request for Variance
  • Abandonment of Easements
  • Discontinuing Right-of-Ways
  • Encroachments
  • Covenants & Other Special Conditions
  • Although these are just a few of the many obstacles that can sometimes become part of gaining approval for a project, what we are attempting to convey here is that we are very familiar with executing a focused “bullet point” plan of action.

    We can harmonize the approach to your request and assist your acquisition of approval by orchestrating the symphonic melody of a well planned and organized pursuit. In this fashion, your expectations become anchored in foundational results that can allow the structure of successful outcomes to be erected.

    If you are having difficulty or would just like to delegate the responsibility for getting your permit approved, let us help you develop a realistic expectation by preparing the “checklist” that leads you to resolution…

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