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What is a Swimming Pool Permit Plan…?

Permit Ready Plans…must provide descriptions and accountability for the many applicable building codes, infrastructure standards, installation details and accountable measurements that will be required from the local Building Department in gaining permit approval. These types of plans, are also a tool that can connect a price to the value that is found in a stronger commitment!

The plan exhibited below is a helpful “Sales Tool” for providing a 3-D animated version of a conceptualization for what could theoretically be built but, it needs defined parameters in order to become a constructed reality!

When it is complimented with the many units of measurements for what will become the scale-able dimensions, then it can aid the visualization for the intended standards for a construction installation approach.

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Sample 3-D Sales Tool

Why do you need Detailed Plans?

There are three very important reasons, 1st to anchor the commitment to documented measurements, 2nd to establish the performance intentions being committed to and provide clear direction for the installation procedures 3rd to connect the price being quoted, to a recognizable commitment to a refined and comprehensive installation standard.

There are many possibilities in building an Outdoor Living Environment, which can also include, not just a new swimming pool but, many other elements.

When projects are “built” on price alone, absent a good set of plans and a strong specification, well then interpretations for the performances can be left to exclusive assertions for how reality may appear!

In such cases, the undefined standards can become whittled down to a potential practice that narrows the field of view for what could otherwise be intended, as a knowledgeable performance.

If a Customer’s expectations are not anchored in a solid foundational grounding, then the influencing tides between the meridian line of ebb and flow for progressive logic will fail to keep the ship afloat and in fair balance during any periods of stormy weather!

What is meant by this statement,…is that by establishing the commonality in a crystal clear referencing resource on defined plans, both parties have a stronger agreement for the contractual commitments to the value in the pricing.

After-all, it is in the absence of “missing information” that the prescription for a disastrous sub-standard approach can be afforded the liberty to usher in unbridled profit-taking, which too often evolves too quickly and is discovered too late for change without incurring the burden of unforeseen costly Change Orders.

The Onus For Better Planning?

In entering into an agreement to perform, an agreement typically takes place between a Contractor and a Customer, right?

So in order to insure that a project isn’t perceived as being caught up in an opportunistic trapping, both parties would be well served to invest into a great design that can help to organize a parallel in understanding.

The approach to the lines on the road direct the “vehicle” to the intended path of travel and the road map keeps the driver’s performances from running off the road and into a ditch!

If planning is done well, then re-clarifications won’t become necessary during the journey of executing the work, which should be in the interest of both parties, correct?

Getting the job done in a timely fashion can once again be mutually beneficial. The more precisely that a Contractor can plan, prepare and execute for a given set of requirements being clearly defined as the work scope parameters, then the greater potential there is for profit..

So…it should be viewed that equality is weighed in each party’s responsibility for applying the sincerity of time and effort invested into providing greater transparency , which can aid the development of mechanisms that can offer a concurrence in mutual accountability. This approach can introduce clear identification for what may be included as well as excluded from the work scope without any ambiguities.

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Landscape                      Lighting                      Drainage                       Grading                     Concrete Spec’s

Sample Pool and Landscape Plan #1_Sample Pool Lighting Plan #2Sample Pool and Drainage Plan #3_Sample Pool & Grading Plan #4_Sample Concrete Specification #5

Levels of Design…

We have fashioned our Design Services in a “layered approach” so that you can decide upon the degree in which you would like us to engage the specific level of design intent.

In considering the full spectrum of design contributions, please view the appropriate image below, that provides an outline description of the different levels of our design service possibilities

We can provide you with both concise and articulate directions, that will leave very little chance of your project becoming funneled through the narrow corridor that exist between project breaking and project making!

Click on images below to enlarge each description…

Level-1      Level-2       Level-3       Level-4       Level-5       Level-6       Level-7       Level-8       Level-9

Swimming Pool Dimensional LayoutSwimming Pool Plumbing and Electrical LayoutSwimming Pool Mandated Safety RegulationsSwimming Pool Construction DetailsSwimming Pool Engineering SpecificationsLandscaping Planting RequirementsIrrigation Hydro-Zoning Design RequirementsDrainage System Design RequirementsLow Voltage Lighting Design Requirements

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Why do plans need Construction Details?

Well…the simple answer is so that everyone is on the same page! Please view some of the elements that can be a requirement in designing Swimming Pools and Spas…

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Hot Water Floor Return       Equipment Layout     Structural Engineering

Hot Water Floor ReturnEquipment Pad LayoutStructural Engineering

Swimming Pool Dimensional Layout

        Pump          Filter           Heater         Lights          E- Auto          I- Auto            Spa          Backwash

Pentair IntelliPro PumpPentair Triton Sand FilterPentair Gas HeaterPentair GloBrite Pool and Spa LightsPentair EasyTouch AutomationIntelliTouch AutomationePoolscapes.com Spa Construction DetailPentair Backwash Valve

Good Plans can be counted on…

So…good plans can allow measurements to be taken, costs estimated, and contracting commitments can be anchored to a “Strong” plan and specifications, in moving forward with a committed construction intention.

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 Skimmer Installation w/ 3.00 in. Overflow

Plan Measurements,

are provided in increments that will breakout unitized values so, that contending Contractors can calculate the prescribed Work Scope

Hard Estimates,

will result when plans are able to articulate a thorough understanding for the many considerations that will be necessary in order to build your Dream Swimming Pool.

 Swimming Pool Equipment Specifications

Selecting a shape…

Pools come in many Shapes and Sizes involving a wide variety of unique considerations. When deciding upon what will work for your family, you will want to develop an appreciation for the possibilities.

We start with a pool’s Shape generally, as one of the first steps in beginning the journey to constructing a new in-ground swimming pool.

Once you’ve decided upon a pool shape and size then this Preliminary Concept swimming pool information can be scaled and drawn upon a Property Plot Map layout that will then represent the correct registered APN# and property line dimensions per the subdivision’s survey.

On this plan the pool is drawn dimensionally correct and represents all the building restrictions that are relevant to the lot specific Building Set-Backs, Deeded Easements, ARC & HOA rules and regulations and other restrictions

In laying out the pool and property dimensions other consideration will define the space available such as Public Utility Easements and Pool Structure / Pool Equipment Building Set-Backs.

All the elements that are to be made inclusive of the swimming pool’s construction intentions, should be exhibited on these plans or expressed on a separate drawing sheet, that is refereed to as the Swimming Pool Equipment Specifications

If you are seeking competitive swimming pool pricing quotations from contending performers, you would be much better off starting with something to compare!

In many cases a pool sketch isn’t a “Permit Ready” set of plans, at all…

Absent a good plan and clear specifications, you are buying “blind”, and this poor decision can set you up for the oldest game in the construction industry, The Change Order revolving door…

We can produce an affordable set of great plans and specification that will help you connect the price to a clear and concise commitment!

Please view our 5-miniute video clip below and become more informed about how to “Request Comparable Proposals” and secure a bullet proof performance agreement and payment structure …

(click on the photo below to view video informational)

After determining the available space the pool’s nomenclatures such as swim-outs, entry steps, water features, lighting, skimmer, main drains and these components respective orientations can be called out on plan together with the necessary Structural Engineering.

In some cases an layer to design such as a Swimming Pool Equipment Schematic will be desired in order to provide a definitive direction for the equipment placement and the operational functionality.

Additionally, you may wish to provide direction to the Plumbing / Electrical Contractor’s for a refined approach to the Utility Infrastructures.

So…in providing you the level of swimming pool design service that you desire, it is important to identify the layers of the Designing Work Scope that will be involved and then we can discuss the elements of design that will be made inclusive.

Call us at (800) 766-5259 and we can provide you a Design Quotation that can truly provide a clear Specification for the directions in building you dream swimming pool and spa…


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