Irrigation System Design / Build / Consultant / Project Management

In accomplishing the results of an efficient use of irrigation water, sound engineering principles together with established installation practices and techniques will need to be deployed in order to make the very best use of that increasingly expensive commodity…water!

Water is the single most precious commodity on the planet. We can survive much longer without food than without water and therefore making the best use of it and conserving it can make “cents”…literally!

So…. when planning a new landscape or preparing a plot of land for agricultural development the coefficient and uniformly distributed irrigation application will either pay you dividends or cost you for years to come.

A well founded direction requires the requisitioning of knowledgeable expertise. Quite simply…if the task of designing a well thought-out approach is delegated to a less informed opinion…well then you should set your expectations on paying more for water usage.

Whether it is from a well, domestic supply line or ditch water, there will be a cost for acquiring it, distributing it and ultimately applying it!

We have designed and built irrigation systems world wide form Hawaii to Saudi Arabia. These many challenges have involved design / build irrigation system installations in some of the harshest environments known on planet earth!

We understand proper planning and we understand proper installation practices, procedures and implementation. In that of procuring, shipping, receiving, inventorying and installing the many components required in building large scale irrigation projects half way across the globe, we’ve come to appreciate the value in what can be gained in organizing and preparing a good plan of action….

From 1,000 acre wheat farms on the edge of the empty quarter to golf course irrigation systems in the Hawaiian Islands, we have used the same principles learned and applied in our backyard landscapes. If your project is worth spending your hard earned dollars on…then it’s worth developing a knowledgeable approach to the task at hand that will provide a successful outcome.

Please consider Earth Dynamics Poolscapes a capable adviser / performer when entertaining the needs for your drip / spray / pivot / lateral channel feed / flood


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