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ePoolscapes.com can provide the most competitive pricing available for El Dorado Hills custom and specialty construction requirements. Accurate and committed pricing should always be connected to a good El Dorado Hills plan and a written specification.

Most often the origins of differences between Contractor’s pricing, seems to escape clear view. Claims of increased efficiencies, business size, special talents, etc…act as illusionary justifications for better pricing. The reality is most often the consumer is not fairly assessing what is being purchased. Please take a few moments and familiarize yourself with some of the elements of discovery that involve going custom and being fully accountable…

Get to know where the costs come from…

El Dorado Hills estimates are only as good as those who practice the disciplines for a methodical approach in accounting for the requirements.

Equally important is the detail in which a El Dorado Hills proposal is connected to the elements of commitment. Issues that arise between a El Dorado Hills Contractor and a Customer can generally be traced back to their origins and more often than not these stem from vague intentions and incorrect assumptions. The lack of information

being presented should be perceived as, incompetence or deception. In either case, it should disqualify any El Dorado Hills contender from being worthy of consideration as a performer.

Our extensive itemized proposals define what a commitment should look like and our plans exhibit a mirror image for those requirements. Unless you receive such a committed expression…. how can you possible be assured that your contender a.) Knows what the requirements are….and b.) That you will be able to keep track of those commitments.

We have seen a lot of competing proposals in our day but, we have never seen the detailed level of familiarity with the process that connects our commitments to the sequential order of the process in building El Dorado Hills realities, by any other performer!

Our estimates connect the dots to what often remains in the dream state. We have freely exhibited these on our website in the hope of raising the bar. We peel back the onion skins of obscurities for the non-committal approaches to providing good estimates and proposals. Our commitment emanates from a per plans and El Dorado Hills specification’s… “Billing of Quantities” (BOQ), evaluation.

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They say plagiarism is the highest form of compliment and we have seen our El Dorado Hills competition adapt many of our approaches to their pursuits. We challenge you the consumer to hold other industry performers to a similar level of accountability in soliciting El Dorado Hills Contractors. If you want to measure differences you will need a yardstick from which to measure those differences…

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The costs for any El Dorado Hills project should be understood thoroughly by the purchaser…our job costing diagrams and other accounting exhibits provide a verifiable accountability for all the nuts and bolts you desire to make inclusive…

Getting to understand the differences in a sound approach to El Dorado Hills Concrete…

If your El Dorado Hills concrete pool deck’s longevity and lasting appearance is important to you there are several layers of insurance that can provide assurances that you’ll end up with a lasting product…

Plant material is like applying the final brush stroke on the canvas …

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