Folsom Swimming Pool Concrete, Decking, Steps, Stairs, Flat-work is a proven Folsom industry leader, with over 35 years experience pouring, setting, designing and installing concrete flat-work, patios, driveways, decking, stairs, cantilever edge, swimming pool decking and many other challenging / creative Folsom concrete applications.

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Pool Decking Concrete

Pool Decking Concrete

We service Southern and Northern California areas, including Folsom. For more information, or to contact us regarding work, please call us or use the contact form on the right-hand side to get in touch with us, or call us directly at the number listed at the top of every page.

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Please take a few minutes and view the video presentation below about our approach to providing Folsom concrete construction. specializes in concrete construction, staining, counter-tops, acid staining, repairs, sealing, slabs, blocks, foundations, masonry and more. We are a great resource for all concrete construction and a company that always has customer service at the foremost of our concerns. Our friendly staff and service team seem to be one of our strongest attributes.

We provide superior quality work at extremely competitive prices and always deliver as promised and on-schedule. We provide top quality concrete and masonry construction, and our masonry can complement our Folsom “style” swimming pool designs!

Folsom Concrete Contracting Services

When we are called upon to estimate your Folsom concrete repair, new installation or overlay project, we are fully cognizant of what goes into a successful result, having been there a thousand time before! Considerations must involve making assessments for pumping, wheeling and or other delivery systems necessary to access obscure site locations. Additionally, preparations based upon a pre-site analysis will have allowed us to fully gauge your Folsom project to see if there are any special requirements so that we can improve the situational performances. We can provide help with the smallest jobs through the most complex relating to services and specialty finishing techniques.

Special PIP Counter Top

We also install Folsom concrete counter-tops with special structural reinforcements and load design strengthening upgrades. in the performance of concrete services will identify and clarify our responsibilities in the following categories:

Identifying the Folsom Concrete Work Scope

The 10-Elements of Concrete Flat-work Considerations

Folsom Concrete Design

Pouring concrete is nothing without design. Our Folsom concrete design team works to create a unique concrete design, ranging from driveways to walkways, from slabs and blocks to foundations. We work with you to build a CAD file, ready to demonstrate the full scope of your concrete construction project, yards wide and many layers deep! We provide all the services from conceptual design to layout. We can provide for all of your concrete needs in the Folsom area.

We can assist your project in moving forward by affording you the experienced insight that we can provide. This can allow the transition from design details to segway into progress, effortlessly! Whether you need concrete staining or a simple patio project, your new concrete mock-up is only a phone call away! See some of our concrete work in action on our online concrete orientation video above.

We provide all the Folsom concrete services necessary for getting your property ready, from sub-grading to applying a lasting coat of sealer. can provide complete Folsom demolition and concrete removal services also.

We can also provide wet stamped Folsom construction details involving the engineered steel reinforcement configurations for the structural requirements together with providing for a steel reinforced schedule for structures, stairways, walkways, driveways and other concrete works providing the prescribed structural requirements.

Folsom Concrete Company provides a variety of concrete related products including colored concretes, additive mixes, concrete stamp patterns, concrete release agents, concrete staining and concrete finishes. We also can apply all of these professionally to your installation. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction by providing a complete and full service!

In the preparations, placement and performance of constructing Folsom concrete flat-work many contributing factors are involved. Depending upon your concrete specifications your Folsom concrete patio, concrete driveway, concrete tennis court or any other concrete surface will have a greater success if you have a defined specification in which to hold any performer accountable. Being a premiere concrete company has made us a recognized industry leader over the past 35 years.

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