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We offer worldwide design / build / consulting for the construction of upscale luxury swimming pools and landscaping installations.

As a large part of our collaborating performance capabilities, we invest our knowledge and experience into each design,…so that your investment can pay the dividends of longevity…

A deeper meaning for successful outcomes must have weight in order to be scaled and appreciated. Ours has it’s origins for defining the possibilities of infrastructures from having overseen mega scale, master planned projects in decades past, and these that have spanned the globe…from Hawaii to Saudi Arabia.

Our immersion with such challenging opportunities, as building community golf courses, royal palaces and urban planned community landscape developments, (including TSE Sewage Water Distribution Systems and Storm Water Drainage Networks) have all provided us a wealth of unique and applicable knowledge.

The skills and talents attained while working in these environments are what makes us different from the competition, not the imaginary illusion in a price! The bottom-line is, that when choosing to pay peanuts…all you’ll get, is monkeys and elephants!

How we differ from others is measured not in a costs for the performance but, in the value in knowing you can delegate such responsibilities to someone that will get it done correctly…first time,…every time!

Besides a competitive price for measured value,…what we bring to the table of negotiation in our bag of tools will afford you the luxury you deserve, peace of mind!

How experience pays…

Few in our industry have been exposed to the many expressions of nomenclatures seen by our travels and even fewer have overcome the challenges that these environments posed to a successful outcome.

Well designed irrigation systems, landscape lighting networks, surface and hydrostatic drainage systems and other elements of installs require an understanding for the engineering principles as well as the compliments of aesthetics.

In experiencing the rewards of truly recognizable accomplishments an appreciation must first be gained for how those possibilities may appear on paper.

In providing our Project Management and Consulting Services worldwide, we rely upon an archived understanding for having been there a thousand times before and we make each and every client the beneficiary of these time tested experiences.

From our handcraft, first-class swimming pools and landscapes to the layers beneath that come to support a landscape’s flourishing maturity. We see landscaping and Soft-spacing as an opportunity to breath life into our Hardscape creations.

Whether it is conceptualizing custom water features and Koi ponds or projecting the imagination filled benefits of sound and light. Our well planned landscape architectural possibilities have served the world for over 50 years and now spans three generations of serving our customer’s outdoor living environment desires.

As a second generation builder Michael Chaffee has held CSL since 1978 together with a full compliment of industry recognized accredited certifications. His professional travels afford our clients with specialized talents in all phases of residential and commercial landscaping, pool design, drainage design, irrigation design, low voltage lighting design and general engineering civil site work.

Our combined talents are recognized as a world-class creative custom swimming pool and landscape full scope consultant, that has been designing swimming pools and designing landscapes in combination with contracting, building, remodeling of both commercial and residential projects, for generations!

We perform through out the world and our family history as a 1st Class swimming pool builder, swimming pool contractor, landscape designer, landscape contractor combines pool building with a great expression of creativity.

Our imaginative approaches and implementations for the many attributes that can adorn an outdoor living environment provides our customers with that special uniqueness that allows an individual connection.

These features may include Gazebos, Patio Covers, BBQ Cook Centers, Concrete Decking, Landscaping, Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting and numerous other components that can embrace and provide an extension of the interior spaces with great creativity for the outdoor living environment.

Generational advancing experience…

With our performance capacity we connect all faucets of in-ground swimming pool construction to the capabilities of state of the art automation. These efforts involve many differing motifs and can provide a wide variety of pool construction styles and sophistication.

International Design / Consultant / Builder , Michael Chaffee,

As a pool builder involved in performing “complete” pool and landscape installations during the past forty years our “style” has involved raising the bar and broadening the possibilities for in-ground swimming pools and outdoor enjoyment centers.

During the past few decades these have come to include Faux Rockery Gunite Pools that appear as many different types of natural stone pools styles and shapes. We are recognized as a premier custom state capitol area pool builder that has been shaping styles beyond the status quo of the local imagination premise.

Swimming Pool Company

Our in-ground pool construction techniques offer our clients a much different approach to a pool’s construction profile. Our swimming pool construction approach can also involve indoor swimming pool construction and Faux Rockery Gunite pool construction.

Additionally, we offer other construction products that can bring together unique styles, textures and shapes into a harmonizing expression of defining the nomenclatures.

When looking for a swimming pool company that is well versed at delivering upon the possibilities, please realize that we have been creating the unbelievable facades’ in our clients imagination for many years.

If you seek a design / build consultant that possesses a culmination of seasoned knowledge and experience in building outdoor living environments with great imagination, your search has ended.

If you are seeking talented performers that represent competence in projecting multi-functional design intent, we can deliver on that expectation!<

If you are seeking performers who possesses the skills to convert graphic expressions into imaginative defining styles of reality and one’s who have acquired the ability to covey the possibilities before ever getting started, well then your journey is over!

Artful appreciation…

It is our belief that in projecting our competence for our craft we must first gain your confidence and respect for what that difference can mean. The differences between us and other firms isn’t price, its passion driven familiarity!

We realize that such words may sound a little impetuous but, actually this statement becomes very apparent in the differences that are accomplished in delivering our product.

In delving into the meaning of such a statement please realize that some contenders will never hear the harmonizing melody for the possibilities.

The splendid sounds of a symphonic creativity can often go mute in the over simplification for a passion driven process.

In refining your selection of contenders for the work, it is critical to establish your priorities for how those expectations may be heard, seen and felt.

The prism’s full color spectrum for the possibilities can emit hues and tones of splendor when appreciation can be gained for such sensitivities to creativity. A widen swath of brush strokes artfully placed upon a canvas can be the difference between a over priced job and an undervalued masterpiece.

Cookie cutter and “Plain Jane” approaches are limited to those imaginations and from such limitations, they form a perception that notably will become the limit of what that level of imagination can offer you.

We understand much more about the greater possibilities than the limits placed upon short-sided endings. Our view is that,…settling for 2nd Class results from an under priced performance verses attaining the benefits of a 1st Class professional service is truly priceless!

Raising the bar…

Small job or large job, if you want to get something that is truly of greater value, then let us help you develop an accurate measuring device.

The price is apparent, yet many elements of resourceful knowledge can remain obscure, if distracted by the enticements of a lower price alone!

Familiarity with assembling the nuts and bolts…

You will want the best performance capable in delivering an affordable yet imaginative result, right?.

This should required those you are soliciting to know how to build every element from start to finish, both complex and simple.

Some consultants may or may not have actually been a building contractor that is capable of building the complete project. Some contractors act as “Sales Teams” that just sell an idea! Some even call such performances, family run! So the reality is that each element of construction is basically just a sales opportunity and you’ll only see the salesperson when the next payment is due!

Our style of performance is shaped in the form of a swimming pool consultant builder! We represent a singular construction representative who will have a face on-site…reviewing each element of progress as it unfolds… excavation, steel reinforcement fabrication, plumbing and electrical install, tile applications, concrete and all the landscaping improvements being called out…One client one builder, one connection!

In selecting a likely candidate remember to identify one’s passion for their craft. There is the passion for the swimming pool designing, passion for the swimming pool sales, passion for the vision of possibilities in delivering upon a well thought-out design and a well executed installation.

This passion…is the self driven part of passion that you will want to invite and discover!

This part of construction is exempted from profit taking, as it isn’t motivated by greed, alone!  Yes, profit is an important element of staying in business but, it should not be the sole motivation in delivering upon creative contributions.

Swimming Pool Contractors vs. Builders

There is are vast differences between Swimming Pool Contractors, Swimming Pool Builders and Swimming Pool Consultants.

As a Swimming Pool Designer / Consultant / Builder that is passionate about our trade, we perform the elements of construction that feed the flames that burns within their individual creativity.

It is through our accomplishments that our self portrait becomes recognized, not in the evaporative illusions and distractions of exclusive greedy profit taking!

Our representation will be at the thresholds of each progressive accomplishment, as an installation unfolds because we are connected by something other than just the revenue generating opportunity.

The step by step process of correctly completing the many aspects of outdoor living environments intertwines reality with an unfolding of the imagination.

Realize that most all of the Hardscape components are lifeless but, in pulling together the culmination of the all the living landscape’s plant life pieces…the image of the complete puzzle to a backyard living environment can come alive!

Swimming Pool Builders

The swimming pool tradespeople / installers that are employed by pool building companies should be that of a master journeymen level certified standing in all disciplines involving the ranking of capabilities for in-ground swimming pool builder requirements.

A production builder style to in-ground swimming pool construction can not provide you the skill sets and or experience required in that of building the many complexities that are possible. In the evolutionary process of designing and building complete Outdoor Living Environments, daily supervision and project management is required. In a production style swimming pool construction endeavor you will most likely not be made the beneficiaries of an advanced understanding. The hastened pace and disconnected sequential process of orchestration requires delegating responsibilities to those less connected to the entire process.

It is easily seen during the process of soliciting a potential performer where those performer’s passions lay. In attempting to narrow your field of view for the many in-ground pool contractors be sure to equate each one’s passion for their profession into the equation of cost verses value.

Preparation for getting 3-Bids…

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