Developing your Spa specifications…

In evaluating the construction involvement for building an In-Ground Spa project, a commitment to defined measurements should be connected to the cost estimate;

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Custom Spas, Jets, Seating, Steps and Benches…

In addition to custom built pools and water features offers other unique custom features as our Upgrade Options standards in building each and every Spa with a custom touch. View our samples below of Jets, Seating, Benches and seating…

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Spa Jet Placements Industry Standards Spa Seating ePoolscapes Standards Swim-Up Bar Seating

Spa Jet Placements_Industry Standards_Custom Spa Seating_ePoolscapes Standards_Custom Swim-Up Bar Seats

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A.) Standard Plastering Finishes

B.) Topical and Tile Products

C.) Energy Efficiency

D.) Equipment Upgrades

E.) Equipment Descriptions

F.) Concrete Decking Considerations

Price vs Value…

We have prepared the “Quick Form” below as a tool in which you can easily identify the possibilities for designing and building your Custom In-Ground Spa.

In building In-Ground Spas, a true “specification” should be established and from this a price should be attached to that level of commitment.

Please take a few minutes and become more familiar with your choices and help us to connect a great price to the type of Spa you desire!

So,…if you could please “select” the components of interest listed below on this webpage and press the “submit” button at the bottom, we will be able to respond in providing you with more accurate pricing information upon receiving your submission.

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A cubic foot of water is the equivalent of 7.48 U.S. Gallons of water. an example, a 8'-0" x 8'-0" (50-SF) round spa with a max depth of -36" and continuous -18" seating conformity would have and avg. depth of -27" and could hold 112.50 CF x 7.48 = 840 Gallons. Therefore the spa depth shouldn't exceed -36" max.
This "Option" involves delivering the heated water to the bottom of the spa, rather than through the jets. The benefit is that the spa can heat up faster!
An air blower "Option" forces air through the venturi style jets, providing more air / water turbulence.
Auto-fill devices will need a main water source supply line and a backflow prevention unit.
If it is a stand alone spa, then it will need to have an independent overflow line that drains into the yard drainage. If it's connect to a pool, then typically the spillway will act as the overflow.
When completed...please provide us with a property "Plot Plan" that shows the officially recognized property line dimensions. It is important to indicate the location of the service utilities (Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone / Cable, Sewer, etc..) Additionally, site photos are most helpful. These can be in jpg or pdf format. EMAIL TO: Thank You, Michael Chaffee

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