Preparing Your Swimming Pool Specifications for Getting Quotations, Estimates, Bids

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Having been in the business of Designing and Building Outdoor Environments virtually my entire life, I can attest to the degrading affects of time upon a Swimming Pool. While growing up in Southern California and working in my family’s Swimming Pool Remodeling business we would perform many reconstruction, remodeling, refurbishing and retrofitting swimming pool construction projects having an original construction that dated as far back as the 1920’s.

This exposure to the many varied applications of the times together with our evolving “learned” practices throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80, 90’s and the first decade of the new millennium affords our clients with a three generation deep knowledge and experience. I have seen first hand many different Swimming Pool Builders’ intentions at providing longevity verses the actual manifestations of those efforts, including our early efforts! With this knowledge, our passion driven directions are always geared at providing our clients with the best possible built environment with the greatest longevity and integrity in mind.

Preparing for a Swimming Pool Estimate

Performing in the State of California as a Licensed Contractor since 1978 and holding four classifications General Engineering, Swimming Pool Builder, Landscape Installation and Fencing Construction provides a testimonial of commitment to performing the many wide ranging elements involved in building outdoor environments.

We would like you to know that there simply isn’t another Swimming Pool Designer that can bring this level of expertise and equally important verifiable credentialed status to the table.

Making our clients the beneficiaries of our advanced knowledge and experience in these nomenclatures provides them a variety of time tested practices in the Swimming Pool Construction, Concrete Flat-work, Masonry Construction, Landscape Planting selections, Irrigation System Installation, Irrigation System Design, Landscape Drainage Installation, French Drains, Hydrostatic Drainage Relief Systems, Surface Drainage Systems, Land Grading, Tractor Grading, Tractor Contouring, Low Voltage Lighting Design, Low Voltage Lighting Installation, Construction and Fabrication of Structures, Shade Covers Installation & Detached Buildings Construction, Underground Utilities Contracting and many other performances.

A life time of experience…

Your project truly requires an orchestration of each of these elements in order to end up with a unified operational functionality. We believe that we are best suited to fulfill your dreams of building an Outdoor Living Environment through the delegation to our most qualified in-house performers.

Evaluating a price…

Commitment to responsible pricing evolves from working through the processes while sustaining as a business entity long enough to develop a fair balance between delivering a good product and making profit! We want to work with customers that want us to be profitable because they want us to be there tomorrow to support the products we are building for them today!

Illusions in pricing…

We are hopeful that you can come to know our pricing as representative of fair and complete. Complete comes from a desire to conduct one’s self with integrity while being held accountable to an established standard. Fair is the measurement for value received as weighed against products provided. Applied intelligence, is the ability to recognize a amicable balance between both…

Exhibits of plans & specifications…

We are the strongest promoters of swimming pool Specification Development in our five county area and have taken the lead in producing the best plans and specification being represented in the industry today! This position has been self imposed due to our having previewed many competitors vague intentions for expressing a clear understanding for the requirements. Our belief is that if you have trouble committing to something on a plan, then you probably will have difficulty making it inclusive in an agreement!

Weighed Knowledge…

What is being provided here in this instruction are the benefits of a developed weighted knowledge. This knowledge is anchored upon rock solid historical evidence attained over many years of estimating the costs for performances. In these spans of decades and while performing such duties, we have been immersed in the dissection of thousands of designs, estimates involving many diverse construction projects. In all cases developing an understanding for the planned intentions required an appreciation for the importance of detailed accountability through the expression of a straight forward easily digestible format.

Structures and Financing

We are hopeful that you too will become the beneficiary of such disciplines by demanding an adherence to your plans and specifications and the “billing of quantities” as a basis for comparative analysis.

If such an approach to your construction project prevails and you would like assistance in developing your individual specifications together with a definitive plan for bidding purposes please contact us @ (916) 630-POOL (7665)./h4>